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Just Cuz You Can't See It...

11/06/04 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Last night was an active evening for a recluse like myself. I stopped by SPACES for an open house by Jim Kukral. I have known Jim for a couple of years through blogs, comments, and email exchanges but never actually met him. This was my chance and I was not disappointed. Jim is as intelligent, civic minded, and witty as he seems in his blog. Which goes to show that a good blog is an authentic blog that is a reflection of the personality that writes it.

Also at the open house was Wendy Hoke, the bright writer on writing and occasional commenter who I have not seen for a year and a half. She loved the idea that Jim and I had never met and that blogs were a way to connect ie her recent post to Brewed Fresh Daily. The connection was as strong as ever with both.

Later I drove to Kent to listen to Zen poetry. After getting lost in the dark (twice), I was fortunate to hear a few unfamiliar voices. One extremely talented poet and Kent St. grad was Tony Trigilio from Chicago. During the reception, I asked him if he belong to a sangha in Chi-town and he said he was a member of Jewel Heart. Lo and behold we had many mutual aquaintances and we bonded right then.

This got me to thinking that the key to good networking is not to find and make connections. That the connections already exist and we have just open our eyes to see them.


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Comment from: jim kukral [Visitor]
jim kukralNew site looks good Steve. Thanks for stopping by, and the kind words.

I'm a horrible "in real life" networker. However, my email networking skills cannot be riviled!

Fortunately, you and the rest of the networking crew are blazing a path. Maybe someday I'll finally get a chance to walk it.
11/07/04 @ 00:53