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J-Co and Jampole at the Lit

10/30/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

It will be TWO FREEKIN YEARS next week since Nick and I started organizing the fandango known as the Literary Cafe Poetry Nite and Extravaganza. 2 years!
Who the hell would have thought that a couple geekoid beer belchers like us could 1) put together anything that resembled a cultural event; 2) manage to have enough commitment to maintain it for two years; and 3) actually develop a reputation as a premier venue for contemporary poetry of various genres that reaches beyond I-77, I-71, and I-90?

Actually it was easy cuz we had the best raw material around to do it with. I'm talking about you POETS. Cleveland and environs has some of the best poets in the country and all we had to do is give you guys a place to shine. (okay, Andy and Linda gave the place. WE just asked and told them they can sell more beer and liquor if they let us do this.)

So keeping with the tradition of poetry excellence coupled with total disregard of formality and moral decency, this Thursday November 8 at 9:30pm will feature readers that are gems from both our local scene as well as our first import whose publisher contacted us for a stop on his book tour.

Joanne Cornelius is the estrogen that keeps the testosterone-heavy Deep Cleveland tribe from going into roid rage. She adds the soft voice that softens the gruffness at their readings. She is the keeper of the d.a. levy collection at Cleveland State University and has been published in a number of issues of Sein und Werden, as well as in 103: The Journal of the Image Warehouse, ArtCrimes, the Cleveland Anthology of Poets, the deep cleveland junkmail oracle, First Person Plural, LYNX, Silent Fusion, Three-Chord Poems: The Poetry of Rock & Roll, water*fire*light and several other publications. She has also written the chapbooks Mermaid on the Edmund Fitzgerald (deep cleveland books) and Electric Sun (Buckeye Midnight Press).

Our out-of-town guest is Marc Jampole, whose poetry has been published in Mississippi Review, Oxford Review, Janus Head, Negative Capability, Main Street Rag, Paper Street, Ellipsis, Peralta, Spitball and other journals. Oxford Review nominated one of his poems for The Pushcart Prize. Marc has been a long time member of the Squirrel Hill workshop group in Pittsburgh. A Fulbright Scholar, he has been a television news reporter and was nominated for a news Emmy for his work on the 1980 presidential election and is now on tour for his book of experimental poetry, Music From Words. Marc is the principal of a well-known public relations agency in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

So come down see the best of the best. I promise to keep the Drambuie flowing to J-Co and we will see what that reveals and make this an experience for Marc that not even a Steelers Superbowl will surpass.
The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in the renewly safe Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.

(BTW Nick's banner is correct. He is including the special night with Russell Salamon. That's 25 in 2 years! But he's wrong that the nite is Nov. 8, not 18. Confused? Good. We need more like that.)



Comment from: wordsmith [Visitor] Email
wordsmithnot only national, but you'll be going international if you get yuyu ramdass to read.... heck, you're international anyway as of our last reading.

the lit is our favorite place to read in cleveland, and so far cleveland is one of the very best places to read in the world, with poets second to none nowhere nohow.
11/02/07 @ 07:16
Comment from: constant reader [Visitor] Email
constant readercongrats on your admit 2 publication. good stuff.
11/02/07 @ 07:26
Comment from: kathy [Visitor] Email
kathy'twas a great reading, great evening. congrats.
11/11/07 @ 09:15