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It's a Bloody Bucket!

12/01/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Thoough I wasn't as impatient as my buddy the organic mechanic (maybe the meditation is helping there), I was more disappointed in the follow up from Ohio Citizen Action's Bucket Brigade kick off. The bucket brigade is a coordinated grassroot effort to monitor, document, and force industrial polluters to do whats right for the environment.

Like Adam said, Denny Larson, the guru of bucket air sampling, announced the cost of one of these things is $125. However, after Adam left, OCE director Sandy said they have a grant for them, the special nonchemical reactive lo-VOC $15 tedlar bags, and subsequent testing.

When asked, Denny Larson said the parts list is with OCE, but their website navigation sucks and it doesn't have it on there, neither the log sheets or the QA/QS procedures.

I looked on the web including Denny's website and found pretty much nothing. The freeqin treehuggers are as bad as the capitalists as far as holding information to themselves. You want grassroots, open source baby.

I finally found this instruction at Louisiana Bucket Brigade where Denny is on the board. It was not apparently available through navigation (invest in a freeqin' webdesigner, treehuggers!) but I found it using their built-in search engine. Still, no parts list though.

But, why the hell can't we just build them ourselves. Scott of Cupertino thought that was why I went, he was right. The valves are industrial grade and the "nose" is stainless steel. It's just a damn bucket with holes and not rocket science or brain surgery!

BTW I did do brain surgery for a while (surgical navigation systems) and for cool rocket science check out this video of menthos and diet coke.



Comment from: Adam Harvey [Visitor]
Adam HarveyA grant is good news. We should build our own, take pictures and blog the whole process. Thanks for the follow-up information.

The meditation probably did help you, I'm a slave to my stomach and I was HUNGRY.
12/02/05 @ 09:26
Comment from: Niko [Visitor]
NikoThat's a great idea: to build a home-made enviromental monitor and present the process online. Just recently I was looking for some information on polycarbonate materials for cladding and I found this site where a group of artists show step by step the construction process of an entire polycarbonate house! [http://www.e-flux.com/projects/do_it/manuals/artists/b/B011/B011A_text.html] What makes this really exciting, to me at least, is that I found there lots of first-hand practical information that, believe it or not, was more useful than any of the stuff that I came across in "specialist" websites of polycarbonate manufacturers, suppliers, or designers!
12/02/05 @ 10:56