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It Ain't that tough

04/09/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Cleveland, Business, Economic Development, Community

Bill Callahan had me thinking about smart meters and what's stopping First Energy and CPP from doing it. I realized that this is not that tough and a little research popped up this beauty from out of "Da City" hometown NYC.

power jouleMuch like some of the resistance I heard when I first proposed a cellular structure to link up routers in the early days of TWiFi (I wasn't aware of mesh technology yet) was the worry that the technology was still in development and we didn't have the skills (nor time) to advance and implement it. Later, I found that mesh technology tho new, WAS mature, implemented, and debugged in little college towns like Urbana and big cities like, yes, "Da City"-New York.

I suggest that the utility committee of the City Council give a call to Dr. Humphrey Wong of consumer power line and to Ambient Devices of Cambridge Mass. (hey isn't that near MIT?) for a trial run with CPP. CPP is small enough and should be flexible to easily get a trial together and be able to get good taste of what this is about. Hell, it OUR power company, our MUNICIPAL power company.

Wake up Cleveland. You can't exactly be called Luddite, but your technlogical ignorance and footdragging is costing us all money. How bout a test run?


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