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It Will Happened

04/29/10 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Political, Community, About me

Tuesday, I am going down to vote and am officially changing my affiliation from republican to democrat. Yup. I have finally given up on the GOP. It was such a nice party a hundred years or so ago. I have definitely been abandoned ideologically even by the moderates like Christy Todd Whitman . So F You teabaggers, neo-cons, dumbshit pundits, Fox news, trickledown fascists, and corporate free marketers (as long as I get the free cheese, Camembert if you please). Don't know if the Dems are right for me, but this way I can vote for Brunner over Fisher in this primary and work more effectively for Tim Russo for County Council district 7.

I guess this means the end of my moratorium on political blog writing I made about 4 years ago. Click above and donate to Jennifer Brunner.



Comment from: e b bortz [Visitor] Email
e b bortzwell steve, congratulations sort of.
please don't take this badly: but since you're changing, why not go all the way
to green or independent?

nonetheless, best green regards, hope to see you in kent this weekend.

peace out!
04/30/10 @ 11:05
Comment from: steveg [Member] Email
stevegThanks, Ed. I won't go Green because the Ohio Green candidate for governor is a real nimrod and independent doesn't allow me to work more thoroughly in campaigns of people I believe in like Jennifer Brunner, who I met when I interviewed her in Meet The Bloggers during her Sec. of State run, and my good friend Tim Russo who is running for a seat in the new Cuyahoga County Council. Both are Dems and I am limited by law in my capacity as an outside party member. more so for Tim.

Thanks for reading, Ed. Since I don't post much I'm always surprised when someone notices. See you Saturday in Kent.
04/30/10 @ 11:45