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Infoscape and Geoscape

03/04/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Jill commented at TechVentures post on the meeting between me and Chris Varley. She expressed concern about the replacement of personal commuication with technology communication. Right on topic, Dutch blogger buddy, Ton Zylstra, expressed his views independently.

In geographical space I meet people face to face, have drinks, which is great. But my mobility there is limited and time-constrained, slow, and resource-intensive. On the net, I don't meet people face to face but through digitally mediated channels. But there my mobility is global and instantaneous, and the speed of interaction and change matches much more closely the speed I need to be able to do all the stuff I find relevant. Through the net I arrange the face to face meetings, through the net I decide where to spend my limited time and resources for geographical mobility. Which in the end actually increases my geographical mobility

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