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In a REAL Magazine (sorta)

01/21/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Announcements [A], Poetry, About me

In the vein of frightful self important self promotion, I want to announce that I have been published in Ptrint's infamous 3x5 anthology. Dr. Adam Brodsky, the publisher, has done a fabulous job in mixing great poems along with his flair for graphic art and concrete poetry. 3x5 is printed in a unique form of 3" by 5" cards, much like what the teachers in grade school made us put our old vocabulary and spelling words on for reference. (Am I aging myself?). The nice thing is that if you really like one of the pieces, you can pull it out and put on your refrigerator next to your child's (or your own) finger painting.

I say that it is a real book because it has an ISSN number. That is an International Standard Serial Number, which is an eight-digit number which identifies periodical publications as such, including electronic serials, not to be confused with the ISBN, which is for books.

Note who else is in this issue with me(Whitman, Blake, etc). I guess I'm running with the big dogs now and I am quite proud to be included in this issue. (Of course, Walt, Bill, et al are probably spinning in their graves right now.)

Ptrint has a unique way of selling its publications. They send it to anybody that donates to a charity. The instructions are here. As they say "We are non-profit & generally not two smart." So send them your favorite charity donation plus a little something for shipping costs, and Dr. Brodsky will pop over your little index cards of poetry.

Remember, if you don't happen to like one of the pieces (not mine of curse), you can pull it out of the pile to shred, tear, sneeze, or whatever to it without destroying the integrity of the magazine.


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Comment from: winston smith [Visitor] Email
winston smithglad to be published with youse - let's see, the bagozine, Ptrint's infamous 3x5 anthology, ArtCrimes . . . where will this end?
01/24/08 @ 08:58