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Idea Generation Thru the Ages

12/24/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Economic Development, Social Networks

The wacky book, The Illuminatus! Trilogy, is of what if all the conspiracy theories were true and that a single entity was behind it all. Nutty stuff, but it is sci-fi so reality is suspended. Yet it has this nice passage about ideas.

It is hard to get beyond the accepted believes of one's own age. The first man to think a new thought advances it very tentatively. New ideas have to be around a while before anyone will promote them hard. In their first form, they are like tiny, imperceptible mutations that may eventually lead to a new species. That's why cultural cross fertilization is so important. It increases the gene pool of the imagination. The Arabs, say, have one part of the puzzle .
the Franks another. So, when the Knights Templar meet the Hashishim, something new is borne.

The book is talking about the beginning of a worldwide conspiracy to take over the world, but does this not smack of what Valdis, Ed Morrison, and others talk about. Isn't this the strength in Cleveland's diverse ethnicities? But it doesn't amount to a hill of lentils if they ain't mixing.



Comment from: Don Iannone [Visitor] Email
Don IannoneSteve: Wishing you bright stars, sweet dreams, deep laughter, peace in the middle of a snowstorm, and warm sunny mornings sittin' in the sun. Happy New Year! Don
01/01/08 @ 05:51
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kathyI like lentils. I could imagine hills of lentils. Yum.......
01/04/08 @ 19:03