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I'm Beside Myself...

...and no amount of meditation, sutra reading, or relaxed talking is going to help. Even my light hearted post earlier was an attempt quell my ire.

Yes, I just read about the bonehead, special interest sucking, schmucks that supposed to be working for us (and I mean us Ohioans) on the Energy and Commerce Committee voting for and passing the COPE act.

As Callahan called it "The bill that will allow nationally franchised video/Internet providers to redline neighborhoods and create "tiers" of Internet service. The bill that undermines net neutrality and threatens to 'end the Internet as we know it.'" (Bill has links but I'm too pissed to add them here right now.)

I signed petitions, emailed telling Sherrod (I just proved I'm not too smart) Brown and Jim (FU all, I run the party) Strickland how I'm not a policy guy, but I am an implementer and user of the internet to fill in the gaps and inequities that the big boy ISPs miss. That I'm helping YOUR constituents and that I may understand the fallout at the street level what implementation of COPE will do.

No response, total ignorance, not a staffer, not an inquiry. I even admitted that I'm a member the R-party and am against this bill. Nothing and now this.

Quite honestly, I don't know what to do. This was the best way to keep this dangerous bill from getting off the ground. Now, the unholy R-party run congress will rubberstamp it and basically will f-up the best thing that has hit our society since Guttenburg and free public schools.

I think I am going to talk to my friends in Holland and see if there is room for another tech savvy buju there. I will love my 8Mb broadband there and the coffee is good too.



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