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I Have Been Accused

08/01/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

Once in a while, I'm taken back when somebody tells me that I wasn't what they thought I was. Not an easy thing to respond to, however Charles Baudelaire (a goddamn genius for sure) in his essay "Crowds" in "Spleen of Paris" wrote:

The poet enjoys the incomparable privilege of being at will himself and someone else. Like those wandering souls looking for a body, he enters, when he wishes to, the personality of each man. For him alone, everything is opened; if certain places seem closed to him, that is because for him they are not worth the trouble of being visited.


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Comment from: kathy [Visitor] Email
kathyFor most of my adult life I've suffered from neuroticism, rehashing old conversations, hoping I was fair, correct...

I've decided that I am what I am, and to not apologize, not worry about what other people think unless I obviously cause distress or f up really badly. I'm gonna be exuberant, darn it.

How does one know what one is? I think it has to do with being spontaneous, acting and speaking without too much forethought.
08/05/07 @ 00:44