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Hustle to Hessler

05/16/08 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, About me

After a year hiatus, the Hessler Street Fair is back in business this weekend and you should get there, especial on Sunday at 12:30pm for the poetry reading. Why? Well, a rather unlikely circumstance occurred.

I entered the Hessler Street Poetry Contest that is annually held in remembrance of Daniel Thompson. I got into the anthology ($5 at the fair or at Mac's Backs) which qualified me for the finals to get on stage.

Last Wednesday, at Mac's, after I did all the pagan rituals short of dancing naked with dead chickens, it was a nice rainy day. I hoped that would keep the competition home and I could be a runaway winner, or at least a leftover winner. Well, I think we had 23-24 of the 28 anthologists with quite few good poets among them, dammit.

I tried Lebanese 3 cheek kisses, offers buying a case of books, kickbacks to the MC to help my chances. Though by my count, I figured I was somewhere between 6th or 8th, the judges felt 3rd place was more appropriate. Actually, TIED for 3rd with my friend Steve Thomas. You can now call us the 3rd Steves.

So Sunday at 12:30, the 3rd Steves, runnerup Marlena-Patrice Pugh Hammer, and winner Ralph Pitman will read our award winning poems on stage. If you can't actually be there, WRUW 91.1 FM is simulcasting the whole day.

BTW organizer, Josh "I need my purple bankkie robe" Gage did a nice job with the anthology and the hell with all those overly sensitive poet-types complaining about typos and lost lines. Hey, MY name was spelled right.



Comment from: ke [Visitor] Email
kedoes anybody remember that song from the '70s 'weed & wine'? not that that has anything to do with you gettin' 1/2 of 3rd place, steve. just, whenever i think of hessler street i think of that song...
05/16/08 @ 21:49
Comment from: lady [Visitor] Email
ladyCool, congrats!

I was a Hessler Street baby.
05/20/08 @ 06:31