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11/14/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism, Cooking

With all the crap that I'm working out in my head, I need a break and pure sitting meditation just hasn't been doing it for me. But cooking, that's an activity that demands concentration, have immediate gratification in smells, warmth, and anticipation.

I've been lax in the cooking posts of late, mostly because I just have been doing standbys and redoing dishes I already posted on. Also, most of the experimentation I've tried hadn't come out very well and there is no sense in sharing blech.

This is Poitrine de Poulet au Sirop d'Erable or chicken breast baked in maple syrup. I had overheard someone a few weeks ago talk about using maple syrup and thyme in a chicken bake so I wanted to try it. This recipe had along with the thyme, sage and savory. I had to go all over the place to find some savory and ended up paying six bucks at Heinen's the overpriced yuppie store.

As you can see, baked in a dutch oven with slices of onion over the top of the lightly flour dusted breasts with some chicken stock and basting occasionally, it was worth it.

Tasted great too with the play of the maple sweetness and sharpness of the thyme and spices.
A tasty catharsis.


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Comment from: MilesB [Visitor]
MilesBI KNOW you didn't eat all of that by yourself...
11/15/06 @ 11:00