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Honda Thaw

12/09/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Well, it might have been in the teens this morning, but I did finally coax the Honda Civic back into life. I'm mobile again!

Yesterday I pulled out my abused battery (it is the original) and let it settle into my warm(?) kitchen. Instead of a cup of hot Ovaltine, I hooked up an easy slow trickle charge to warm up it's cells.

Yes, I talked with the battery, just like it was a plant. (What could it hurt? Besides I was having cabin fever.) I apoligized for cranking and cranking and cranking and ... You get the idea, and not feeding any electrons back or warming it up.

I charmed, I pleaded, I begged. It was like I was married again. Anyway by the time it had it's fill of amperage, it was dark and frosty and I had to go to the Lit for some poetry reading.

So this morning, after pouring half a can of starting fluid into the Honda's air intake, all the while talking to it, telling how I was working a collaboration venture out with the battery and it was a key catalyst in making it all work. She sputtered, and coughed and wanted to get going, and me inside whispering encouragement til finally....SHE RUNS! I poured some dry gas into the tank as a thank you and off to the races.

Sometimes, a little cajoling... even to inanimate objects, is all it really takes to change conditions to favor success.



Comment from: bg [Visitor]
bgsteve - it's the started fluid and Sunnyside HOnda isn't bad either for service and giving cars to poor artists TWICE...187,000...that car did not want to star at all today..
12/10/05 @ 12:23
Comment from: Daniella [Visitor]
DaniellaOk Steve,

You may need a block heater but I think that it is not cold enough for that yet.

This is what I found and think might be the cheapest thing to do?

A *good* battery with high CCA capacity.

A tune-up.

Possibly new battery cables.

Check the starter and solenoid, if appropriate.

The above should cover all the bases of good cold weather maintenance.

PS I only use synthetic oil, it seems to help but I now park in a garage so that really helps.
12/10/05 @ 13:59
Comment from: Lou [Visitor]
LouThe eagle has landed, hope you're an XL.
12/10/05 @ 17:03