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Getting Out My Head

02/25/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism, personal, humor, rant

I've been a whorl of confusion, but not much activity really, trying to get done, or figure what I won't get done, what I HAVE to before starting my back-to-the-cubicle-failed-entrepreneur-neobohemian-sellout job tomorrow. Everything revolved, if not swirled, around me, the center of the universe.

I called a client today, one that was supposed to call me friday, about when he is going to pick up his laptop that I serviced. He told me that his newborn baby of just a few months died friday. Then he had the gall to apologize to ME.

It is hard to care about all those mundane tasks, the prideful activities, the projected discomfort of having to get up early in the morning for rest of my life or next layoff, when faced with this tragedy.

All the interviews, meetings, networking. All the letter writing, art watching, literature reading. All the analysis, "higher thinking", education, and contemplation. None of it seems very important in the face of a death to a friend's baby, with eyes that barely could even focus on this world. A world that we have built up in our minds to be so significant, but is nothing to the sorrow of two young parents.

For the next 47 days, I'll try to say special mantras to maybe help the transition in the bardo to a good rebirth.

I'll probably do it at work because compared to earning some scratch, THIS IS important.



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