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Frank is Inhaling the Magic Lamp Fumes

Saw minor Mayor Frack Jackson's wishlist for neighborhoods in the Pain Dealer. This guy needs to loosen his tie and get some circulation above shoulder level.

His priority for Tremont is to give us a scenic overlook along University Rd so we can see the potential SuperFund clean ups and the Mittal Steel plumes. Nevermind, that since friday, Bill Callahan is robbed at gunpoint, Des Schmitt had her front door window shot, and of course my crap-ass excuse for a car stolen.

Hey Frank! Maybe crime and safety improvement might help make (via Plain Dealer) "safe and family-oriented neighborhoods and a Mecca for arts and culture." Especially in one of the most active art and cultural neighborhoods in the city, you politico-bunghole.

(note: I know Bill lives in Brooklyn Center and yes this is a rant by a very upset victim of crime.)


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Comment from: tommy [Visitor] Email
tommyYou're back!! Excellent!

Your rant is fine. And rest assured
we've all those moments when being "upset victims of crime."

Live long enough something bad is bound
to happen to you. Not right, not the way
it should be, just the way it is.

Glad to see the blog back - I was "nearly" feeling victimized by its absence.

8 )
02/02/07 @ 13:17