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Fixing the City

01/31/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I was pleasantly surprised to see cafe and discussion buddy Frank Mills at an I-OPEN Midtown Wednesday and then again at the Tremont West Development Corp Annual Meeting. He has been studying and pondering our NEO predicament and sent me this announcement for a great chance to make a difference. Unfortunately, I will be in Michigan, but that doesn't mean you can go.

We had hoped to have our kick-off meeting today, but obviously that isn’t going to happen. My fault, I lost track of the time. Nevertheless, the project is still a go.

The first meeting will be next Tuesday, February 7 @ 5:30. We will announce the location via email by Thursday, February 2.

Urban Repair Project continues “Vision Downtown” in a region-wide forum. Urban Repair Project is envisioned as unfolding along three congruent lines:

  1. Idea Networking: Each monthly URP Tuesday begins with a networking happy hour at a local venue with the purpose of sharing ideas, and hopefully create traction among those present, to get the idea up and running. Developers, “Angels,”
    politicians, ideators, innovators, and entrepreneurs are all invited. The plan: Throw
    everyone in an open-conversation mix and see what brews.
  2. Urban Neighborhood Visioning: How would you regenerate the region’s urban neighborhoods? Have an idea for a neighborhood? As a group we will select a neighborhood and see what sort of vision and design will flow from our collective creativity as we interact and listen to neighborhood residents.
  3. Urban Repair Project: The reason for our existence! In our region talk is plentiful, action lacking. To remedy the situation, we as a group will select hands-on neighborhood projects that can be reasonably accomplished through our efforts and
    take them on. The model for URP is Portland, Oregon’s “City Repair Project”.

We invite you to be involved where you as, as you can. Feel free to invite everyone to join with us. Lastly, Urban Repair has a blog at http://urbanrepair.blogspot.com.

Be sure to get on his email list so that you can find out where the meeting is. Damn, I wish I could be there!


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