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First Step in Open Source HW

A week or so ago, Ed Morrison asked the question on BFD whether Open Source principles can be applied to hardware design like it is with software and, with his help, economic planning.

I responded in a comment that it already exists and is usually called hacking or making. This was met with a resounding silence. Not surprising since Ed pointed to BusinessWeek and as a typical MSM, it is a step or more (usually alot more) behind in knowing about the truly current innovation that exists. However MAKE magazine's purpose is to report on HW design and design bending as it becomes available. It is put out by O'Reilly Media, the publisher that is built on Open Source and information sharing. (our own Shannon Okey is very involved in CRAFT, an offshoot of MAKE.)

MAKE has put out the principles of Open Source hardware design in this, the Makers Manifesto. (subject to change via hacking, of course.)
makers manifesto

Shall we make, hack, and create something tangible together?


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