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Dan Provost's Latest Chap Released

11/27/13 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Announcements [A], Poetry, WITB Press

WhatsInTheBag Press is excited to announce the much awaited release of Dan Provost's latest chapbook, "On The Wagon... On A Binge". The hauntingly, dark work has an honesty rarely seen in the small press lexicon. What others have said...

“In his latest book On The Wagon, not only does Provost use Hemingway's ‘Bullshit Detector’ with his own brand of gorgeous agony, but Provost has also updated the model, completely taken it over and renamed it.”
---Frank Reardon, author of Blood Music

“On the Wagon...On A Binge by Dan Provost deals with the loneliness and desperation of a writer trapped at the bottom of a Jack Daniel's bottle. These are the stifled, drunken words of a man searching for meaning and humanity in a world full of people hiding behind superficial masks from themselves and their own pain. Mixed in amidst the brief moments of sobriety and insanity here, there is always a sense of personal truth, or at least an honest search for it. Provost dissects his emotions and displays them on the page, not for the sake of an “audience” or even “literature”, but for the sake of trying to make it through another day. Always quite aware that death is following close behind, waiting to catch him should he fall off the wagon a few too many more times. Above all else, there is true and honest poetry here.”
--RC Edrington author of Use Once & Destroy

This release is doubly exciting as it heralds the return of Dan Provost's work to the world and finally the graduation of WhatsInTheBag Press from a vanity press to a legitimate member of the small press family.

You can buy copies of "On The Wagon...On A Binge" from the author, Dan Provost, via the below PayPal button for domestic shipment, and soon at many of Cleveland's Independent Bookstores.

(International Customers please email me.)


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