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Corporate Blogging Fear

04/18/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Blogging, Business, Social Networks

Thanks to Ton for reintroducing Jon Husband's Wirearchy blog to me. I don't know when or why Jon got dropped from my blogroll/bloglist, especially when he has this kind of stuff.

Jon has this to say in response to a thread on corporate legal liabilities with employee leaks and public grousing:

As a thought experiment, replace the word “blogging” with “email” or “conference presentation” or “teleconference” or “sales presentation”. Or “barroom conversation” for that matter. Quick, quick, you wanna be safe, you better lock all your employees up and never let ’em say anything to anyone! The point is that qualitatively, blogging requires no new policies and introduces no new risks. If your employees are going to say stupid things in public, you’ve got a management problem and a policy problem, not a blogging problem.

The point with any of these technologies is that they are tools, not replacements for social interaction. The problems come up when that gets confused.

UPDATE: Jon has commented and attributes the above quote to Tim Bray. My Bad.



Comment from: Jon Husband [Visitor]
Jon HusbandThanks for noticing .. appreciated
04/20/06 @ 09:03
Comment from: Jon Husband [Visitor]
Jon HusbandOh, and it wasn't me that said the above (tho' I have said the same kind of thing many times). It was Tim Bray .. I was only quoting him.
04/20/06 @ 09:12