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Community Wifi Legislation

02/18/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Finally, some government work on community wifi that isn't targeted to squelch grassroot efforts to bring universal connectivity and cater to the greedy corporate providers.

From Sasha Meinrath:

Two bills were introduced on Friday that would radically improve unlicensed wireless access. Both bills would greatly improve the general public’s access to the public airwaves. The first bill, The Wireless Innovation Act of 2006, is a major bi-partisan effort to line up Senators to support Community Wireless. The second, The American Broadband for Communities Act, is lead by Republican Senator Stevens and does much the same.

Click thru to Sascha's post to get links to the bills and CWN movements official responses.

Kudos to Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. He has been a great supporter of the Community Wireless movement, probably because his massive and remote state faces many of the challenges we see in rural areas and underprividged neighborhoods , like Tremont.

Write him and let him know of your support as well as to our own yahoos George V.and Mike D. (See, republicans can do good for the nation.)



Comment from: guest [Visitor]
guestApplauding the efforts to keep wi-fi accessible.

Steve - the work you've done in Tremont is invaluable. I quietly thank you everytime I taverse the various "free" airwaves of Tremont, as I am right now.

Trust you had a good time and glad you're back.
02/18/06 @ 13:09
Comment from: WestEnder [Visitor]
WestEnderThanks for the heads-up. I'm not on top of media issues like I used to be, so I'm glad I read this post. I'll pass it on in Cincinnati.
02/20/06 @ 11:24