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Coffee Empire So Close...

12/19/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

No link for this for the past week's FreeTimes, but since local filmer and Dott's buddy, Laura Paglin, got into the Sundance Film Fest, I thought I'd plagarize what they had in City Chatter by James Renner.

... Next up for Paglin is a feature-length doc about three hippies who met in a hotel room in 1974 in order to devise a scheme to own every coffeehouse in America. Those hippies became the founders of Starbucks, Arabica, and Coffee Connection.

I met Laura briefly when she interviewed Carl Jones and then again at the opening of Night Owls of Coventry at Cedar Lee (I got a signed poster). I'm super pleased to see that her next film will be about that NYC meeting. You may remember I mentioned that event in a review I did for CoolCleveland back in February 2004.

Oh we were SOooo close!!!


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