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Clarification to Henry

04/24/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi, Blogging, Cleveland

Happy Henry Gomez of the Plain Dealer referred to my last post about an NY Post article on community wifi. (Thanks, Henry)

Steve Goldberg links to a New York Press story on community Wi-Fi projects. I'm not sure I see the revelance in his comment about one-newspaper towns, though.

Rereading my hacking attempt at written verbitude (no stinking journalism school for me, and it shows), Henry is absolutely right. The semi-snark one-newspaper-town comment seems very irrelevant. So I will clarify.

If you did drill down into the Post article (http://www.nypress.com/19/14/news&columns/feature.cfm)
or read the purple quotes, you see there is a reference to a NY Times feature called “Hey neighbor, stop piggy-backing on my wireless."(Don't have the link) So you see one newspaper did a somewhat negative spin on sharing broadband and another paper did a more balanced report.

See? More perspectives. More opinions. More information that points to a truth.
This is rough to do in a "ONE PAPER TOWN."

At least, we have Henry who trys to get the whole story.


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