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Cheap or Cheapskate

12/15/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I got an email from a friend who moved from Cleveburg up to Chi-town. She was a struggling literary artist who fought the good fight, but just had to go somewhere else to fully self-develop. I quote, without her permission, a key observation.

I am often reminded that people here make "grownup" salaries, in Cleveland, it's like, all these excuses why people and businesses can't and won't pay their employees livable wages. I'm so over it and will never go back to that brainwashing...

Organic/Mechanic posted a pathetic want ad. Cleveland apparently doesn't want to pay for quality, or at least local quality. The archaic industrial economy mindset that the best way to optimize value on a product is by keeping the cost low. Unfortunately, that doesn't really work for skilled workers. WE are not a commodity.

As for the argument that higher wages will hurt business, I say hogwash. It is disproportionate wages that hurt business. I'd like to see a study of the comparisons between the wages of Directors/CEOs/Presidents of companies and their lowest wage earners with a look at levels of org chart hierarchy the companies has. Compare these stats with similar looks in other regions.

I would venture to guess that the overall payrolls here are lower, but the executive wages are competitive. Let us not fall into the BS that it is cheaper to live here than anywhere else. Energy costs are higher, Taxes are higher, cost of education is higher, food is about equal, and for housing rent HIGHER for most places (unless you rent a dump). The only thing in my experience that is lower is mortgages.

I think that a real study based on features of the cost of living should be made. And if I hear comparisons with the NYC, SanFran, and Boston stats you can bite me cause I'll check out RalieghDurham, Chicago, Dallas, Huntsville, and Minneapolis.

Cleveland is not THAT cheap, only loaded with cheapskates.

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Comment from: Scott Kovatch [Visitor]
Scott KovatchI think Adam pasted that from a CWRU job listing -- I think their salaries on the whole run lower than average for Cleveland.

Taxes are definitely higher here than other cities I've lived in -- outside Austin, Ann Arbor, and Columbus.
12/15/05 @ 23:07
Comment from: Daniella [Visitor]

Minnesota Twin-cities offer about the same expenses, taxes are high and mortgages are high because a starter home is around $212K. Rent is high if you don't want to live in a dump. I think salaries may not be any lower than here because it used to be a high tech city but outsourcing hit its computer industry pretty bad. Energy cost is very high. Ohio property taxes are higher which surprised me since MN offered a much better school system.
12/16/05 @ 14:37
Comment from: Christine [Visitor]
Christineoh, Amen to that!

I remember the days before I spent a small fortune for my education (still paying off those student loans eons later) that it was ridiculously impossible to find a decent paying job in C-town.

If it weren't for those cheapskates, I might have studied something I really loved instead of something that was just OK with a good salary potential.
12/19/05 @ 05:30