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Caving to the Pressure

07/30/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: personal, humor, rant

Way back, like in December, Former OCCA director now Director of GrassRoots.com and hell of a fun lady, Angela Stuber tagged me to list 5 little known facts. I ignored it, chuckled that she picked me (like I got a friend on the internet), and then read the personal factoids like a snorting voyeur in the red district. Credit to Angela, she never hounded me on dropping the ball. I tend to ignore these internet games that get sent around like goofy surveys, .... It equates to the technoversion of the chain letter.

However, last May TWO buddies, Jim of Vitruvious fame and fantabulous artchick/DJ Ginley, smacked me with the meme and now I am to list TEN little known facts of myself. I have been corralled and the Andromeda Strain is growing.

So to stop the nagging, I relent and list what is left of my private neurosis for all to mock.

  1. I am a gregarious loner. Love to be social, be around people, go to events. But I equally or even more so like to be alone (such a pleasure after 9 years of cohabitation/marriage.)
  2. I have been learning to draw, thanks to the Tremont Pretentious Artists at the Literary Cafe on Friday nights(tho not so much the last couple of months). The improvement has been from middle-school Simpson cartoons to shading and depth and sketches that look like the subject. Thanks to Tim Herron and Brian Pierce for the informal lessons, tips, and encouragement.
  3. I had three years of Kung-Fu training during the 70's. First fight I got into with it, had my ass kicked. Thanks Jerome Mackey, muthaf'er.
  4. Played the trumpet for four years during the impressionable age. Unfortunately, instead of Miles Davis, I was impressed with Snorky of the Banana Splits. Traded it in for a harmonica.
  5. I'm fascinated by Gay culture. I'm very straight, but the kind of things our gay neighbors face remind me of much I faced as a jew growing up. Gays cross all socio-economic lines, races, religions, you name it. Just like jews (except for the religion part). And despite "gaydar", no-one can really tell from looking, just like no-one can tell who's jewish. (William Shatner? Really?) I've had my fights over the jewish thing (see number 3), and I know that many of my gay friends had to defend themselves more than once. Go watch the Gregory Peck film, "Gentleman's Agreement."
  6. During the entire 5 years I lived in Texas right after college, I didn't get laid. Except for the very last night, New Years Eve. Hung over and driving a U-Haul, I was grinning very widely.
  7. I never failed a class in college and at Duke that was saying something. I did, however, get a D- in biomechanics.
  8. In a middle school performance of "Fiddler on the Roof," my voice cracked during my solo song as Perchik, the end of a promising acting career.
  9. In 7th grade, I was hit by a car on the way to a soccer game. I suffered a scrapped up face, black eye, and a bruised kidney. A week later another kid was hit by a car on the way to football practice and died. The school district instituted shuttle buses for athletes to get around to the various fields.
  10. I'm a lingual chameleon. I fall into whatever accent of whomever I'm speaking to for more than an hour.

And just as bonus cuz I took so long to post: I didn't read, listen, write, or pay any attention to poetry from 1978 to 1994.

I'm not tagging anybody else for this in an attempt to stop the madness. I guess that means my little boys are going to dry up and fall off.


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