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Can Never Tell at the Lit Cafe

09/06/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe

Predictable is never used when describing the Literary Cafe Poetry Reading Series. No matter who is featured, who is hosting, what else may be going on that evening, just as you settle in for an expected poetic ride.....BAM! Something happens. Maybe audience participation in an audio tapestry, group Jager shot orgies, Tremont chicken visits, some spontaneous nudity, or a pillow fight. Who knows, except for Nostradamus. So come and see our two features, both known for their gentle demeanor, thought provoking verse, and stable behavior. Except at the Lit Cafe on Thursday September 10, who knows?

Sammy Greenspan lurks in corners of fine cafes, either surfing poetry porn or writing some. An explorer of workshops throughout Ohio, she now runs the new Cleveland contingent of the Puddinghouse Press workshop. She has been published in Whiskey Island and other on-line zines and has discovered the pleasure of reading aloud at the Jawbone Festival and Insights Cafe poetry series. This change in attitude may have precipitated the shoring of her gray braids for the shorter cool hipchick look, or the other way around.

Many times has our other feature reader, Brian Taylor been mistaken for the DC comics superhero, The Flash. What with his ever-present bicyclist cap and penchant to appear and disappear at large gatherings in a moment. Armed with a camera, he either is a secret agent for a shadow government keeping tabs on hipsters, hippies, and sub-militants; or that is actually a poorly disguised deathray that sucks the life force out by stealing bits of the soul. Long time resident of the Cleveland poetry scene, Brian is accepted at every venue, of every genre, at every geographic region. Of course, that maybe from the fear instilled by the undefeated Haiku Deathmatch Grand champion.

Nothing promised, both nothing gained unless you come to the Literary Cafe Thursday September 10 at 9:30pm. You may be surprised. The Literary Cafe is located at 1031 Literary Road in the surprising Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.


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