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Bye Bye

12/08/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Literary Cafe

It’s hard to imagine that after four years of throwing poets together to get their versigroove on every month, every second Thursday, that Nick and I are throwing in the towel (albeit not a very clean towel). Yes, Friends, the institution of the Poetry Night at the Literary Café will be over this Thursday December 10 starting at 9:30pm. It has been a great dance, a tango in fact, that had us dipping and twirling with you, our local poets, poet lovers, and poetry lovers. We say thank you for all the love and support. And that relationship, like a marriage or a good regular booty call, is why I look at this like an amiable divorce, instead of a funeral.

For one, a funeral denotes finality, a brick wall that nothing passes except memories of the past. Like the sudden appearance of the Tremont Chicken, the surprising realization that both hosts wear boxers instead of briefs because they showed you, or a spontaneous opera concert. We have had poets drink their poems from a blender, wear trash bags for dresses, create sound tapestries of phone messages. We pulled poets from California, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Massachusetts, Kansas City, and even Toledo. We have had hip-hop, haiku, confessional, slam, strict form, objective, lyric, surreal, and just about every other genre of poetry. Yes memories that we kept record with video, and were probably the first to that in the country. Requests for how came from everywhere and help establish us as a national venue. Not bad for a couple drunks looking for a good time.

It was just too hard for us all to keep it going, to keep it at a level of excellence that was only due to the serendipitous meeting of so many factors. Time, responsibility, and creative resources change and so with a hug and a smile we finish the regular series like a divorce that has love intact, an occasional dinner or telephone call to stay in touch like good friends. And so is the Literary Café Poetry Night, a regular series no more, but the special dinners will happen. New poets come out of the woodwork all the time and many deserve the honor of being a Literary Café feature reader. Books are written and the authors should get a chance to show their work. The Lit Café is still there for them.

So come to the final evening, highlighted by the words of our previous features, the best of the best. There will be no time for open mic but maybe for a final free for all. It is a party of our memories, a celebration of Tremont’s creative magic. There will be razors and sledgehammers, so be prepared this Thursday night, December 10 at 9:30pm. The Literary Café is located at 1031 Literary Road in the not quite lugubrious Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.


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