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Bird Banter

11/30/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I know all you gastric fans want to know what the Bagger did for Thanksgiving cooking. Well, first, my downstairs neighbor, Diane, had pity on me and invited me to her family in Niles, Ohio. Since I met many of her sisters when she moved in and they are Italian, I was sure I'd have a nice time and eat VERY well. Many thanks to her and her family's generosity.

Of course, I still had an 11 pound turkey in the frig. So Friday I made a galantine, which is a deboned stuffed bird, meat or fish. Obviously, this time it was a bird. I pretty much mangled the damn thing, ripping the skin in two and pretty much decimated the prime cuts of meat. Jacque Pepin made it LOOK so easy.

I stuffed with italian sausage meat, herbs and pistachio nuts and attempted to tie up the thing so it looked sort of like an animal that once had feathers. Below is what it looked like out of the oven and resting on a platter.

I was so tired afterwards I couldn't hold the camera phone still, so it looks a bit surreal. The skin and upper breast was slightly overdone because the sausage meat in the middle did not get to temperature in the allocated time. Anyway, here is what a slice of turkey galantine a la the Bagger looks like.

I must say that it was (and is delicious). Of course, I had all these bones, a carcass, and giblets left, so I made turkey stock... 3 quarts worth and all frozen in my freezer. Anybody want any?


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Comment from: Jim Eastman [Visitor]
Jim EastmanIf you were to cook the sausage first, and then stuff it, it would probably work better for cooking the turkey.
11/30/05 @ 19:53