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Barking Spider Hotel (poem)

12/03/09 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, About me

Somehow Charlotte Mann got it into her Arkansas mind that I might make a good host for a promotional poetry reading for her book, Hotel Poem: Poets of Cleveland. Suzanne of Mac's Backs the sponsor of the event) should have stopped her. Anyway, I must of have been drinking, gone insane, dropped back into Texas-Arkansas brain with her, or something else when I accepted. In case you have not heard of it yet (sleeping under rocks again) Hotel Poem is a beautiful coffee-table book of portraits and poems of the area's new, old, and amazing poets. Of course, I'm in there (Not the cover, wiseguy. That's the lovely Carmen Tracey) and so will many of the book's subjects at the Barking Spider.

It will be a great chance to see (and buy)the book and since I know what kind of egomaniacs poets are, I'm sure you will be able to get them to sign their picture and/or poem. Think of it, a luxurious book of classy photos of word artists and with their real signatures all in one package! If a meteor falls on the 'Spider just as you pull away in your car and all of us are wiped out, you will make a killing on ebay!

So come on out this Saturday afternoon, December 5 at 3 PM at The Barking Spider 11310 Juniper Rd. (behind Arabica) on Case's campus. Get there early to find parking.


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Comment from: John Burroughs [Visitor]
John BurroughsWish I'd seen this sooner - too late to go now....
12/05/09 @ 15:07