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05/04/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

Remember how warm you tried to get, cozing up with your sweetheart in February? Remember how you wanted to get in the mood by listening to me verbositize at Mac's Backs? Remember that you looked out your window to see the weather, but culdn't cuz everything was WHITE!

Well, Me, Carmen Tracey, and Terre Maher are rescheduled to read at Mac's Wednesday May 9 at 7:00. I hope to have some new stuff and refined old ready, but go to get woken up by Carmen. That little lady has much soul.

Also, I will still be open for some sympathy from young neo-hippy girls that hang around Coventry in a timewarp. Please don't touch the beret, unless you mean it.

See ya there. Mac's Backs is at 1820 Coventry Rd in Cleveland Hghts.



Comment from: Jeff Hess [Visitor] Email
Jeff HessShalom Steve,

I'm so bummed. I have a student until 8:30 on Wednesday evenings, else I'd be there in the front row.

Wow them.


05/06/07 @ 08:19
Comment from: steveg [Member] Email
I wouldn't worry too much about missing me, but the other readers are great. Carmen has passion and reads with excitment, and Terre (who I just met at the Jawbone this weekend) writes with clarity, insight, and music. I'm just a speck of flyshit on this panaramic lens of performance and substance.

But I'm the only one with a beret!
05/06/07 @ 12:11