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Authentic Blurt

09/17/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, personal, humor, rant

At last weeks Lit Cafe Poetry nite, after I stopped getting self-conscience and stopped trying to be Nick, The energy in the room rose to fantastic heights and we pulled in 21 open mic readers including a few virgins. In closing the evening, I was so unaware of myself, so into what occurred during the evening, I surprised myself with these words tumbling out of my mouth.

hug your significant other.
hug a stranger.
hug your enemy.

Save the world.

First thought, best thought. Unrehearsed, unscripted, just pure wishes to all that made an amazing evening. Some of the best lines I ever came up with, I don't even believe that I said it.



Comment from: kathy [Visitor] Email
kathyI love your humility. Yeah, let Nick be Nick and you be you. You're sweet.


09/18/07 @ 00:25
Comment from: milesB [Visitor] Email
milesBRaw, sugar cane sweet or high fructose corn syrup sweet?
09/18/07 @ 10:50