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A True Geek Night

03/17/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Cleveland, personal, humor, rant, Geekism

Thursday nights at the Literary Cafe have sometimes degenerated into a geek night with a row of laptops taking advantage of the free Wifi. We usually wondered what would we do if someone interesting came in, ie a beautiful woman. (Last night we watched the "Tao of Steve" to get tips on impressing the chickss.)(Cool name...Steve vs. being a stu).

Anyway I found this link to the Automated Bar on the Make blog. This will help in PROVING geekdom is cool.
Imagine just sitting at the bar, ordering drinks THRU the bar, getting your drink FROM the bar; all using the latest in geek technology. Andy can just sit there, pet his cat, program the music, and sip drinks like the rest of us.

I say let's build it! Who's got tools?


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