Thanksgiving Storytelling

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This morning my stepdaughter asked me to tell the Thanksgiving story to my granddaughter, Tatiana. She wanted to know why she had to get dressed up for our late lunch/dinner. Though her attention waned quickly as would be expected from a three year old, I was surprised that her twenty something mom was fascinated. She claimed to never hear the story in school (though she was known to fall asleep in class).

So click the links and tell the story to your families and be sure to give full the full credit to Squanto, the native American who showed what it takes to be part of the open community of humanity.
(BTW, if anybody knows for sure what tribe that Squanto was a memeber, Wampanoags, Seneca, of either the Algonquins or Iroqois group, let me know.)

Have a good holiday

Opposing View Talk

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A neat analogy from Tibetan Scholar, Gedun Chopel, on the uselessness of always talking and analyzing.

It would be better for the carnivorous wolf and the grass-eating rabbit, rather than comparing each other's advice on the topic of food, to further their own individual style of behavior among agreeable companions of similar type.

Two approaches toward a solution, though imperfect, still fills a belly.

Duke Looking and Making Leaders

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Reading my Duke alumni magazine, I came across this article on leadership. An interesting finding was not so much answering what is leadership or how to create leadership, but Sim Sitkin and Allan Lind, co-directors of the Fuqua/Coach K Center of Leadership and Ethics, points to what a successful leader does.

A successful leader will:

  • communicate his or her vision and values and come across authentic;
  • demonstrate genuine concern and understanding for others in the organization;
  • foster a sense of coherence and community in the midst of complexity and constant change;
  • create confidence and enthusiasm so that individuals will want to do what's difficult;
  • give people what they need to succeed, including criticism and support, while also encouraging them to exercise their own best judgement;and,
  • accept the mantle of leadership, recognizing that advancing the organization, not the leader, is fundamental.

I like the idea that leaders aren't borne or managed or trained, but they are defined by what they do.

Cleveland WiFi Wiki is Back and Better

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With the screwing around of webhosts, the famed list of the Cleveland area hotspot was lost. With much trial and error, I am happy to announce that it is back and with easier access. Now the all you have to do is type in the URL and you will be directed right to the wiki.

You can sort the list by name, neighborhood/city, free or pay, or even who reported the site. There is now even a printable skin so you can have hardcopy of the list in the order you selected. Remember, you can register and add your own discoveries to the list to make this a true community effort.

Two changes of note are the addition of a pay hotspot at the Caribou in Rocky River (in spite of months of my pleading for free access) and the unfortunate demise of Cafe Noir, which I notice while lunching on sushi today at Kimo's across the street.

Gone For A While

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No sooner do I switch the location of this blog, using reasons of inconsistency and unreliability, to my long time webhost for my business and nonprofit, then they accuse me of futzing up their server.

Well, I didn't, I'm not THAT smart, but there is no arguing with a discount host that has a bee up his butt and a supercilious attitude. So I have finally figured it all out and am back on this host.

I will try to catch up on all the great and inspiring things I've heard, read, and experienced the past week or so. Damn, it was hard not to blog while this is going on.

Stay posted.
PS notice I have not lost my archive! What a bear to figure out.


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I'm reading a book I picked up for a buck at Pilgrim Church's rummage sale. It is "Brief Encounters" by Bill Long. It is a collection of short essays about interesting and famous people the author had met or ran into and sometimes befriended.

Anyway he described in the following way,T.H. White of the famous Arthurian stories that I read as a nerdy kid with few friends:

In the time honored tradition of Captain Ahab, Launcelot, John Cassian, Ethel Mannin and others, Tim was a true isolato. And, like most isolatos, he was self-questioning, self-doubting, driving himself to the verge of enormous depressions, but saved always by his diversity of interests, his passion to 'get things done'.

Now I know why I loved the stories the way he told it and also that I am an isolato! Are you?

Booster Shot

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I sent this out to the NEOBio listserv yesterday to support fellow Cleveland ED group, Say Yes to Cleveland.

If you are tired of hearing the negativity about Cleveland, here is a full day of an appreciative view of what is here and what has been accomplished and what is coming our way. Say Yes, to Cleveland has been very supportive of the NEOBio effort and has both created pocketbook opportunities as well as a positive attitude shift.

I recommend this booster shot of positivism.

Their program titled, Celebrating Our Successes, is next Wednesday Nov. 18 at the Intercontinental.

Is that Hope I Smell?

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I had the dubious distinction of being a member of NorTech's Technology Resource Council and had to attend a half day work session yesterday. Considering that every other meeting I attended was a self congratulatory pep rally party, I did not have very high expectations and considered not going. But something in me said to give it a chance, that there was a detailed schedule with real breakout sessions and specific aims. Call it the eternal optimist, or the conceited rebel-wannabe that thought I could still maybe make some difference with these hierarchy based dinosaur brains.

Lucky I did go because my preconceptions, though true for some, was way off for many in attendance. We had a very productive meeting where even the presented model for technology based economic development was openly questioned and reformed. (I think even Ed Morrison was pleased).

Talked about and considered were radical ideas like community of practise, quality connected places, and in my group, Mark Brandt and I was able to get the group to accept the value of social networks and add it as a cross techno/industrial initiative. This is a big leap for many of the usual suspects.

Also I was worried about lip service to the diversity and digital divide obstacle. However, peppered among the sea of fat old white guys (with the occasional younger prodigy here and there) were the capable women running programs about town. I guess Dorothy Baunach was tired of being the only one in the room while she knew of so many other capable females.

What brought the glimmer of hope to my senses was seeing Connie Atkins of CAAO and Gail Wright of the Garrett Morgan Initiative. On top of that, a good discussion was lead by others in the group about diversity and urban outreach with the conclusion that other key organizations need tobe represented on the council.

If NorTech and the people that were present can follow through with some of the ideas created at this meeting, and I mean follow through to TO COMPLETION**, this town may not be as screwed as I was wont to say a few weeks ago.

**footnote: I have noticed that many of our community efforts seem to peter out with the last 10% to complete. Remember that last 10% of a project usually takes 90% of the effort. This a commitment check.

Getting Old

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The great Gelukpa monk and scholar, Gungtang Tenbey Dronme wrote this in his "Conversation with an Experienced Old Man"

These drops of mucus that fall from my nose
Are not an ornamental string of pearls.
They are the ice of a bright and splendid youth
That has been melted by the sun's burning heat.

This row of teeth that has fallen out
Is not caused by new teeth wanting to grow in.
It's the putting away of the tools for eating,
Since the work of chewing this life's meals is nearly done.

I hope you don't read this with the sense of sadness of the nearing end, but with the joy of someone satisfied with how they lived their life.

Glad to Go

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If you still were going to my old blog site, you will be greeted with this great message:

Blog-City is temporarily unavailable while we perform a major server upgrade. We expect to be down between the hours of 9am and 2pm GMT. We will follow this with a period where all blogs will be accessible but you will not be able to blog.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We will be back faster than ever!

Translate that to 4am to 9am EST, my prime blog time and if you are into writing like me, it will be even longer! BTW these guys have NEVER hit a deadline so who knows when things will be functional.

I'm so glad that What's In The Bag migrated to my own site. Barb P may want to consider doing that too.

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