Tantric Healing?

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Went to a kriya tantric ritual workshop this morning given by a former monk that was the chantmaster at Gyuto Tantric Monastery at the Jewel Heart Center. Although I have been nursing (some say I'm milking) my sore back for the better part of a week and a half I decided to try sitting cross-legged for the workshop. As I practised mudras and the proper technique of making offering, my back went pop and I'm feeling quite well, thank you.

Was it my concentration on generosity during the offerings or basking in the "holy" aura of a dedicated practioner, you decide. But from the Gyuto website they say,"Traditional Tibetan tantric monks are believed to be healers through their ritual performance activities." Maybe true for former monks as well, hmmm.

Business Gut Check

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Yet another bit from the Duke Magazine article. Tony Brown, one of the primary colleagues in Duke's Hart Leadership program which challenges students to "marry their passion to strategic wisdom," explains what he trys to do in the program.

...students learn that there is a place for ambitious, competitive, market-oriented people to act on their social values.

Peaceful coexistence between social responsibility and good business. Not the OR, but the AND.

The Wifi Airwaves Under Attack

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Cleveland Digital Vison honcho, Bill Callahan, continues to show he is on top of what up in the wifi nation by this timely and appreciative view of Philadephia's victory over what could have been a corporate blockade of their citywide wifi.

I say timely because at nearly the same time, the CWN listserv informed me of Sasha Meinrath's analysis on how insiduous the new Pennsylvania law really is. Sasha was the organizer of the National Summit of Community Wireless Networks that I attended this summer. With quotes directly from the House Bill 30, Sasha pointed out the following flaws:

  • this law means that you can't change the regulations without the consent of the very industries that the regulations are supposed to regulate... anyone else find that a bit strange?
  • On Pages 54-56 House Bill 30 lays out a whole bunch of terms under which telecom companies don't even have to carry out their modernization plans until 2008, 2013, and even 2015! And then we wonder why we're falling behind in the international broadband connectivity race
  • it won't even be legal for people to create better services as long as the telecom company plans to offer "broadband service" -- which is defined as anything at or above 1.5MB (download speed), but only 128k or above upload
  • [To petition for service,] you have to commit, ahead of time, to pay for an entire year of service, at speeds that are not set, without knowing what the terms are, and at a price to be determined by the telecom company.

Click through to see the other problems in this law like how taxpayer money goes right into the established providers' pockets and even pays to tell the public how that's a good thing.

With the follow-the-leader mentality among legislators in Ohio, we should prepare to counter this kind of move so that the gains made by OneCleveland and Twifi aren't lost. Heck, you know that SBC and Adelphia have already got their lobbyist cranked up.

What Kind of Entrepreneur are You?

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Link: http://www.peoplethatclick.com

At last month's Ryze meeting, I had the pleasure of meeting Cincinnati transplant, Chris Stormann. Actually the pleasure went beyond the mixer and continued to the Garage Bar with George and bumping into Dott aka Miss Underpants. Tequila shots were involved, but I digress.

Chris is head of a center on nonviolence at Kent State, but also is cofounder of a startup, PeopleThatClick. Its goal is connecting up entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs with complementary attributes.

Take the free eprofile and see your strengths as well as a recommendation for the type you should partner with. Chris' degree is in criminology and studied profiling, so the test has some credibility.
expert evangelist
I am an "Expert Evangelist" so its only proper that I spread the word.

From the Mouth of Babes

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As a followup on my last post, this is quote from a Duke undergrad.

I used to think leadership was about being a person in a powerful position, but I came home believing that anyone can be a leader by TAKING ACTION.

Emphasis is mine.

Ethics-Leadership Relationship

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In the same article from the Duke Alumni Magazine I quoted last week, is this tidbit:

Ethics without leadership has no legs, and leadership without ethics has no heart.
---Sim Sitkin, Assoc Prof. Fuqua School of Business

And "leaders" with no heart and no legs sounds like slugs to me.

I Eat, therefore...

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I've been laid up for a few days from a sore back, the first in many years. It was triggered by my sitting and working the laptop (why doesn't comments and permalink work from the new site?) from the floor while playing with my three year old granddaughter all day. I'm sure the stress from the juggling act that has become my life is an underlying cause as well.(See Dr. John Sarno's series of books.)

Anyway I got to watch the DVD of the documentary, "Supersize Me." It was only a short 6 (no 8) years ago that I was a svelte 185 pounds on my 5'10-1/2" frame at 8% body fat and leg pressing a half a ton. Since then, I have ballooned up to 204, mostly the last couple years (ie when I became an entrepreneur.Is this familiar, Kukral?) and I have been more successful becoming a regular at BurgerKing, than a selfmade businessman.

The scary part of the film was the conclusions where they list the symptoms of star/director Morgan Spurlock after a month of 3 meal a day Micky D's. Besides the obvious physiological effects that point to liver damage (uh oh, Steve), there were behavioral changes as well. Spurlock had mood swings, bouts of depression, and periods of intense lethargy.

I hate to admit it, but this also describes my personality of the last few years as well. I always attributed it to my self exploration and the obstacles that would arise in my spiritual development, and the occassional letdowns that come from attempting projects that are at the fringe of my present capability.

I have tried to use these moods as fodder for my spiritual practice, and I think I have made some slight, but perceptible progress. Yet it could be as easy as changing my diet, to make similar improvements. I think I feel a lifestyle change coming on.

Finding Solitude

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As told in Bill Long's collection, Brief Encounters, Thomas Merton hints at the connection of solitude and self:

The man who has found such solitude is really empty, see. He has advanced beyond all horizons. There are no directions left, see, in which he can travel. For this is a country whose center is everywhere, and whose circumference is nowhere. You don't find it by traveling, see, but by standing still.

Said with a tear in his eye.

Imagine like Steinbeck

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Bill Long in his Brief Encounters, writes another delicious account, this time on John Steinbeck. When going to Steinbeck's "shack" in Sag Harbour, NY, Long was surprised to find an actual shack.

"I didn't mind what condition it was in, or how badly constructed. It could be 'imagined' the way I wanted it," he (Steinbeck) said. ... This was a man to whom the reality of things had nothing to do with how they looked to the eye, sounded to the ear, felt to the touch.

Who would have thought that the Pulitzer and Nobel winning writer of the Red Pony, Of Mice and Men (my favorite), Cannery Row, and the Grapes of Wrath had a Buddhist-like view of the world.

Unlikely Source

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You never know where you might come across a wise tidbit. For recreational reading, I was blasting through Roger Zelazny's Lord of Light, a sci-fi with characters from ancient Hindu and Buddhist (what else for me?) pantheon. The buddha character, Sam (for Mahasamatman)said this bit of truth:

...the personal strengths and weaknesses of a leader are no true indication of the merits of his cause.

So what's stopping you from leading a good cause?

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