Paperclips Hold Together

09/22/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Hold my excitement, but the adaptor connectors for the paperclip antenna have arrived. (Damn, I got to get a life!) But before I tried it out, I HAD to cook tonight or else my chicken will go bad on me and will stink for a full week before garbage collection. Besides, I can't afford to go out and eat all the time or even some of the time. I need food!

But after, oh but after I assembled the full system and checked out the paper clip antenna. I didn't expect much and I was so satisfied with the performance of the Pringle can, I only wanted to see some improvement over an off the shelf wifi card.

The results are that the paperclip directional antenna had a signal to noise ratio improvement of 15 db! That is 2 dB better than the Pringle can! (that is 31.6 times the power versus 20 times the power) And the paperclip is so much more portable. This is awesome. Wish I had a picture of me testing.

Not bad news to get after sweating over a hot stove all evening.BTW my Chicken Breast en Papillote was delicious.

Ethical Sales?

09/21/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I have just finished an extraordinary couple of days where I closed three new coffee accounts including what is to be my biggest thus far. Yes, I'm happy and proud and I'm glad for the clients because I truly believe that Phoenix is the best coffee supplier for them. But I harken back to a couple months ago, when Thubten Chodron came and taught at Jewel heart.

She reminded me of the Buddhist downfalls that are particularly around speech.

  • Telling of untruths
  • Idle speech
  • Harsh speech
  • Speech that creates division

The first is just out and out lying, but where does exageration, hyperbole, and omission come in? The second is usually considered gossip, yet shmoozing, namedropping, and talking about others in the biz are typical icebreaking and credibility techniques especially in cold calls. The third is badmouthing and I just don't do it, though Phoenix and myself have recently become targets, probably because of the headway we have started to make. And the last one seems to be the goal of sales, separate the customer from their existing supplier!

I just wonder how somebody can be successful in sales without resorting to at least one of these. Since I don't consider myself successful, I have adhered somewhat to avoiding these downfalls, but I have very much been tempted.

I have been carrying around copys of the the Scene magazine that has this article about two of our top competitors. I'm not sure what to do with them, but one of the new accounts brought it up and asked if I had a copy to read. He was a former customer of one of them. One of the other newbees was a customer of the other protagonist, the one that is starting a campaign of misinformation about us.

I thought of Jack's principles of social responsibility especially number three:

3. Because of our commitment to create and serve new markets, we will not knowingly go after another provider's clients

I'm just not sure of what the ethics are here. My rationale is that these guys have screwed their customers enough that they simply hung themselves with rope of their own creation and I'm there to mop up the mess and get the customer back to focusing on his CUSTOMERS rather than managing his suppliers.

I'd love to fully adopt Jack's principle, but the consulting/facilitation biz is a different animal than commodity wholesale in a limited regional market. (or is it?) What do you think?

Who's Slowing Down

09/18/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I know that I'd like to, but it doesn't seem that way. Today, I again helped out at the Jewel Heart booth at the second and sunny day of the Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival. The crowds were there and spending. I made a single hundred dollar sale to a woman that seemed to love everything I showed her. I wish I had more coffee sale days like that!

We ran out of flyers for the introductory Buddhism class that I'm co-leading next week and Ujjen-la gave me a deal on an Indian longshirt and pants combo. (I'm wearing it now.) Joe Cimperman gave me a Cimperman t-shirt and I bought a Tremont t-shirt.

Apparently, my grandstanding yesterday was worth it. Somebody today pledged $50 to TWifi. Only $58 more to be able to purchase the first set of equipment for the mesh network. (Email me if you want to help out.)
With the crowd, I wish I brought the pringle can set up again, but then I had to leave early for ....

Taste of Little Italy was a blast. I was pulling espressos ( well not exactly pulling. We had a super automatic Saeco Vienna so I really was pushing a button.) I got to give out samples and shmooze with the restaurant owner/chefs. The best part was that the folks I had the best rapport with were the ones that won the competitions! I could feel the stares from Barardi's on the back of my head as I was laughing and celebrating with the winners, some I guess are (or used to be their customers.) We shall see. We shall see.

In anycase, I'm looking forward to just sitting around and reading and not be running around for the rest of the weekend. Oh wait, I have to pull together some data for wifi and I-open and then sketch a fair trade coffee marketing package.

Damn it's almost 9:00 pm already. So much for rest for the weary...

Look at me!

09/17/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Someone snapped a picture of me geeking in the park!

Pringle Can Twifi'in

09/17/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I'm at the Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival in Lincoln Park with rain and all, but I have my laptop and potatochip can antenna. I'm posting this from the TWifi hotspot at Civilization while standing staying dry under the gazebo!

I'm attracting attention and able to talk to people about internet, wifi, and how the attenna works. How cool is this?

Nuttin' To Do?

09/16/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

If you find someone asking this question about tonight, smack him in the head with a brick then pick him up and tell him what I'm planning, if my endurance holds up.

First I'm going to the Kalman and Pabst Photo Group's Art Show, where my very talented and dear friend Sarah works.

Then I'm going home to Tremont to help poet RA Washington kick off his art'zine, Fair Trade. at InsideOutside Art Gallery Great name for a 'zine, but the party is a few weeks too early to celebrate Fair Trade month in October. However, I am bringing some Organic Fair Trade Guatemalean coffee packs to keep it real.

And if can keep going, I plan on going to Pat's in the Flats to hear Tremont band, Headpie. Met members of the band at Edison's during Wednesday's binge.

Nothing to do? HAH!
(what midlife crisis?)

Savory Satisfaction

09/16/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

So I'm single after more than a decade of family living. And yes I did feel bad when I woke up this morning, and yes reality was as focused as a laser beam, burning into my consciousness. But all this apparent discomfort was physical. I had a deep sense of satisfaction that began with a perfect cup of coffee. (what else?)

The coffee was Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto and it was buttery and smoooooth. Then for lunch, I had leftover turkey picadillo that I made for a potluck with the Nyamgal monks doing the sand mandala in city hall rotunda. It was the first time I cooked with green olives with pimentos and raisins. Dinner was the rest of a Morroccan style beef stew with onions, garlic, and again raisins.

May be it is the grandma kitchen comfort syndrome, but I just felt so relaxed, renewed, and replenished. It has been over ten years since I cooked something other than burgers on a grill and it felt good.

I love cooking, with the experimentation of flavors, textures, and techniques. It is a reflection of how I'd like to live my life, boldly with expectation, optimism, and appreciation. I still try out in the real world unsuccessfully, but in the kitchen is where my result oriented practice lives.

And it tastes good too!

Also Official...

09/15/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I am most definately drunk and expect to feel reely lousy tomorrow. Just so you knoww.

Officially Single

09/14/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

For those that know me they already had a clue, but the reason I've been a little less visible around town and less frequent with the posts is that I got a divorce from my bride of 8 years. Today was the final court hearing where the judge asked me face-to-face if I wanted the end of the marriage.

I hesitated before saying yes. I had to remind myself that this was what Maritza wanted and that I want her to be happy. Actually, we had a marriage dissolution, technically. So Judge James Celebreeze signed the paper and I was no longer someone's better half.

On the bright side, I now live in Tremont, where I always wanted to hang for at least five years. I can cook all those olive oil soaked gourmet meals, stay out as late as I like, drink as much as I want (within reason), and be with whomever I like. (not like that, you perv!) However, I'm no longer married and I liked being married, not that I'd do it again soon.

Obviously, I'm conflicted, confused, and wasn't worth a damn all day. I've been going through Kubler-Ross's stages of grief for last three months, but not the order she outlined and I think I'm just into the sadness stage.

Today, I've been confused and running on automatic. Needless to say I didn't sell any new coffee. From the courthouse downtown, I went to City Hall to meditate and do practice with the Namgyal Monks doing the Kalachakra Sand Mandala in the rotunda. Then to gain perspective I went to the Convention Center to see if I could help Bill Calahan's computer center for the New Orlean refugees. These people, the few I saw and helped, were way more bewildered than I was, but then they had more to bewilder them. (I'm not including FEMA, but they didn't exactly clarify things either).

Anyway, I think I'm now at the point that I just aught to get drunk and then the hangover will bring me back to reality.

Oh BTW, I tried to finish the paperclip antenna today too, but the connector my pal gave me yesterday was for the wrong size cable I'm using. Crap!

Oh crap

09/14/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

As if this hasn't been enough of a downer day, I read that Ebay bought Skype. Read it here. Does this mean I have to bid to call my skype-buddies?

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