He Not Only Comments...

12/13/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

We have seen his nom de plume often enough, ending an insightful comment in a chain of comments, some not so insightful. He comes to hang with bloggers at meet-ups, but is actually a member of the Valdis Class of reader, one who comments on blogs, but does not blog.

Valdis has his music. What does MilesB do? Well, last thurday I found out.
Miles Budimir is a poet and not a bad one either. See him doing his stuff at the Literary Cafe Poetry Night.

(Ignore the one of me. Andy was still getting the camera together when I started the evening.)

The Mind of a Salesman

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Want to know what goes on in my head as the Evangelist?
Read UK blogger, Andy Borrows, short story.

He nailed it on the head.
Anybody want to buy some coffee now?

Celebrating Others

12/11/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I'm really not obsessing about my failed marriage, so don't read more into this post than was it is. It seems that lately I have been running into couples that have the most wonderful relationships.

I stayed until the wee hours of morning to listen to the convoluted and beautiful love story of Andy and Linda at the Lit. Last night, we watched their wedding video (which of course due to Andy's talent was not as dull and boring as most). I get emails of love poems from Agent of Chaos, Steven B. Smith, to the love of his life, Kathy Ireland. Sarah's eyes twinkled when she told me she married Carl cause he can make coffee so damn good.

I have seen a working class couple making google eyes at each other and embracing at the PLAV Roosevelt post. I noticed a young couple at Edison's suking face and just being aware of each other in a crowded bar.

I may not have that in my life right now, and I don't have regrets or feel jealousy for those that do. I fact I am ecstatic about their happiness. I rejoice and celebrate it. It makes me feel good to see people in the midst of their love.

So go out and hug your significant other. Give them a kiss in public. Hold hands walking down the street. Do it for my sake.

Fry Me Little Plantain

12/10/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

So now that we have finally got George to admit to being a "foodie" and join the occasional food blog train, I figure it's due time to put some more of my cooking experiment photos. Thanks, SlashFood.

Even though I was married to a Puerto Rican beauty, she never made tostones cause they are fried. The first time I had them, it was my first trip to PR and we were visiting her first boyfriend's family (Don't ask).

Here is a bowl of these toasty yummies.

Tostones are plantains that are fried until soft. Then are drained, smashed flat, and fried again til crisp.

This is one up close. Needless to say, it didn't make back to the bowl.

Honda Thaw

12/09/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Well, it might have been in the teens this morning, but I did finally coax the Honda Civic back into life. I'm mobile again!

Yesterday I pulled out my abused battery (it is the original) and let it settle into my warm(?) kitchen. Instead of a cup of hot Ovaltine, I hooked up an easy slow trickle charge to warm up it's cells.

Yes, I talked with the battery, just like it was a plant. (What could it hurt? Besides I was having cabin fever.) I apoligized for cranking and cranking and cranking and ... You get the idea, and not feeding any electrons back or warming it up.

I charmed, I pleaded, I begged. It was like I was married again. Anyway by the time it had it's fill of amperage, it was dark and frosty and I had to go to the Lit for some poetry reading.

So this morning, after pouring half a can of starting fluid into the Honda's air intake, all the while talking to it, telling how I was working a collaboration venture out with the battery and it was a key catalyst in making it all work. She sputtered, and coughed and wanted to get going, and me inside whispering encouragement til finally....SHE RUNS! I poured some dry gas into the tank as a thank you and off to the races.

Sometimes, a little cajoling... even to inanimate objects, is all it really takes to change conditions to favor success.

Duke Quote with Cleveland Connection

12/07/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Again in one of my alumni magazines this one in context with the Kansas vote to teach intelligent design creationism:

On the decision by the Cobb County, Georgia school district to put stickers on biology textbooks asserting that evolution is theory, not fact:

"This is not just a shot across the bow of modern scientific thought; it's a body blow right smack in the middle of our double helix."

---in the Seattle Times by Huntington F. Williard,
director of Duke's Institute for Genome Siences & Policy and Cleveland's former President of University Hospitals Research Institute and co-founder of Athersys.

We don't find many around here anymore that come up with quotes like that and are picked up nationally. That is if you don't include the blogs.

I Live in Cleveland and It's Brisk

12/06/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I've been stuck at home this morning because my poor 1999 Honda Civic wouldn't start in the single digit temperature. Apparently,it misses the nice garage that it used to live in for the last six years, and I had to reschedule a doctor's appointment and miss a few coffee visits because of it.

Now I'm not complaining about the cold. I CHOSE to live in Cleveland. I knew what I was getting into here. But maybe my landlords should pay attention to the next few pictures I took this morning around 11:00am.

I live in an upstairs apartment in a 1881 house in the historic neighborhood of Tremont. The apartment is a little chilly, I set the thermostat at 65 F.

This is a thermometer leaning against one of summer hats in the downstairs entryway of my apartment. "So what?" you ask. Let's look a little closer.

You may begin to notice the little red line in the middle of the thermometer. That is the mercury and it seems a little low on the scale. Let's see how low.

Yes folks, the temperature of my entryway near midday is 38 degrees F, around 3 degrees C. Yup, I have a refrigerator for a front door.

I don't blame my aging Civic for not wanting to get up this morning.

Nimble and Agile Fishwrappers

12/05/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

George and Wendy have made us aware of an article about old media surviving in a new media world. Meanwhile Jeff Hess has been making his opinions known about the venerable press. I just recently finished reading this article in an old Duke alumni magazine. (Remember I'm catching up on all my magazine reading.) It's very good analysis of the consolidation of newspapers and the difficult trade off of being a democratic institution and a free market corporation.

Thought I would add to the discussion.

Grassroots Isn't Sod

12/04/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

MaryBeth Matthews writes a quotable paragraph about true innovation:

Cleveland's establishment gives some lip service to grass roots innovation, as long as that grass is growing on a lovely manicured suburban lawn, the kind that requires a caretaker and high maintenance for sustenance. But it is the grass that can be found growing between the cracks of the sidewalk, the tough, deep rooted species that can and will survive, and eventually create a new landscape.

Like Democracy Guy's call to arms,"Grassroots, Baby!"

Internet Access?---Hah!

12/03/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I had the wonderful experience of weird noises coming from the car this week and went to my "favorite" Honda dealer, Rick Case, to get things checked out. Ended up I needed new brakes, so that blew my monthly budget, but I selected RC because they actually do good service and they advertised internet access in their waiting room.

I figure I can do some work to make up for the budget shortfall while they bang and clang on my 1999 baby. Ends up the access is not via Wifi, that's okay. I set up at one of the open computers and figure I'll warm up by blogging.

No go. They have Websense Enterprise security firewall and filtering, which is probably a good idea. However, they blocked WITB because it is a "message board or club." This is Big Brother territory. So I go to my webmail site to start working on coffee inquiries, but NO! "Web-based email is prohibited." Now how is a road warrior/business weinie supposed to make good use of their time without email?

Now I'm stuck in a f-in waiting room set up to sell me more Japanese plastic crap (almost like Walmart), with shit coffee (they were proud that they got it at such a cheap price and my coffee samples are in my trunk up on a lift in the "employees only" section), and all I have is a promise of internet access. The ol' bait and switch, without the switch.

All I could mumble when I paid the bill was that they shouldn't of done something like this to a blogger.

BTW the only website I could get to was BFD, so I signed up as a guest blogger, but the password was emailed and I couldn't get the email! WTF!

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