Getting Out My Head

02/25/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism, personal, humor, rant

I've been a whorl of confusion, but not much activity really, trying to get done, or figure what I won't get done, what I HAVE to before starting my back-to-the-cubicle-failed-entrepreneur-neobohemian-sellout job tomorrow. Everything revolved, if not swirled, around me, the center of the universe.

I called a client today, one that was supposed to call me friday, about when he is going to pick up his laptop that I serviced. He told me that his newborn baby of just a few months died friday. Then he had the gall to apologize to ME.

It is hard to care about all those mundane tasks, the prideful activities, the projected discomfort of having to get up early in the morning for rest of my life or next layoff, when faced with this tragedy.

All the interviews, meetings, networking. All the letter writing, art watching, literature reading. All the analysis, "higher thinking", education, and contemplation. None of it seems very important in the face of a death to a friend's baby, with eyes that barely could even focus on this world. A world that we have built up in our minds to be so significant, but is nothing to the sorrow of two young parents.

For the next 47 days, I'll try to say special mantras to maybe help the transition in the bardo to a good rebirth.

I'll probably do it at work because compared to earning some scratch, THIS IS important.

Car Alarm I Shulda Had

02/19/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: personal, humor, rant, Geekism

NOW this would have kept my car home...

and probably stopped the theft ring from operating in my neighborhood. I'll start working on one for the new old car after I replace its bald tires.

From MAKE blog.

Me Read Poetry

02/12/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry


The reading has been canceled via Suzanne's comment. Apparently the heat of my poesy wasn't enough to melt the snow. No sympathy from soulful girls for me tonite. I hate valentine's day.

Wanted to let people know that I am a featured reader at Mac's Backs, this Wednesday Feb 14 at 7:00pm. Yup, Valentine's day. For some reason Suzanne figured that I wasn't doing anything that day. She was right, so I will be playing the forlorn lonely poet with sad eyes and weeping heart to try to get some sympathy from young neo-hippy girls that still hang around Coventry in a timewarp.

Oh yeah, also reading is Lit Cafe poetry nite regular Carmen Tracy and Terre Maher. Mac's Backs is at 1820 Coventry Rd in Cleveland Hghts.

Others Pulling My Slack

02/07/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

Nick called himself a knob when he sent the banner. Reality is that he is more like a lever. I might pull in the talented poets to read for us, which is easy considering all the talent that is in NEO, but Nick is the gifted one of this pair. I leverage this boy. He knows how to present them, how to keep the nite entertaining and, of course, that is noticed. So, he performs all over the place with MHJ, To Box with Man, and the host for the Literary Cafe Talk show. Still he whipped out this great banner.

Also Smith Family Runabout is pimping our Poetry Nite in Europe. Of course, SBS is highlighting their own contributions first, but then that is what makes Smith Shameless Self Promotion(SSSP) Smithylike. Damn I miss them. We need to try a Skype connection next month with them.

I slack off and there always seems to be someone stepping in.

Late-Ass Cold-Ass Literary Cafe Poetry Announcement

02/05/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, personal, humor, rant

With freezing everything I thot was valuable on my body, I have hunkered down in my bed---the only place warm in my apartment and also the quietest place where I don't have to acknowledge nut-job neighbors. I awaken from multiple hibernative naps, hoping the car is back, I won the lotto, downstairs got some medication, and that I'm really in Hawaii. Needless to say, I have been disappointed. AT the very least, I wanted my scheduled poets to acknowledge their dates and a typical beautiful banner ad from Nick would appear on pixlo. Still disappointed.

Have had to make some last minute Poetry nite changes. So, I invite, yet again, all of you to the Literary Cafe for an evening of words and wackiness. Thursday February 8 at 9:30pm, we shall have the poetry meisters of south NEO come and spark their brilliance in our cold, thief-ridden neighborhood. Yes I speak of the hosts of the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour, Joshua Gage and Mark Kuhar.

In case you didn't know:
Mark S. Kuhar is a Cleveland, Ohio-based writer, poet, editor, publisher & metaphysical bomb maker. His work has appeared in Whiskey Island, Centerlight, the American Srbobran, Ohio On-line, Big Bridge, Sidereality, the City, Tin Lustre Mobile, American Motor Thought, Litvert, Eratio, Muse Apprentice Guild, Cool Cleveland, Get Underground, Poetic Inhalation, and Northern Ohio Live magazine, as well as in the anthologies “An Eye for an Eye makes the Whole World Blind: Poets on 9/11” (Regent Press) and “The Long March of Cleveland,” “Ornamental Iron” “Mac Turns a New Trick” and “Anthologese the Next” (Green Panda Press). His chapbook, “Acrobats in Catapult Twist”, was published in June 2003 by Seven Beers and a Hedgehog Press of which we will hear again later, and his work was published by 24th St. Irregular Press as part of the Poems-for-All series. He has read on NPR’s local affiliate, and Mark is the proprietor of Deep Cleveland LLC, which includes Deep Cleveland Press, a small-press publishing company, and Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, a literary e-zine dedicated to the spirit of legendary Cleveland outlaw poet, artist and underground publisher D. A. Levy. Mark also the host of the Deep Cleveland Poetry Hour, a live monthly spoken-word event along with---->

Joshua Gage, who can bee seen stomping around Cleveland in his purple bathrobe (for real) seeking out pollution for his liver and an audience for his poems. He is a member of Deep Cleveland, the author of the forty-part poem Deep Cleveland Lenten Blues, published by Deep Cleveland Press. He has his 7-track poetry cd, 'break the slow kill,' done thru his own Seven Beers and a Hedgehog Press (told ya we’d hear about this again). His work has been published internationally in dozens of journals including World Haiku Review, The Heron’s Nest, Abraxas and LYNX. He also taught at the Naropa University Summer Writing program, and is an adjunct English Professor at Cuyahoga Community College. Josh was also the 2005 Hessler street poetry competition Champion.

As usual, the paper and the pens will be available for our trademark Penpad Padpen Spontaneous Poetry Open and Extravaganza. Be ready to write, read, and riot.The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in hysterical Tremont neighborhood.

Frank is Inhaling the Magic Lamp Fumes

Saw minor Mayor Frack Jackson's wishlist for neighborhoods in the Pain Dealer. This guy needs to loosen his tie and get some circulation above shoulder level.

His priority for Tremont is to give us a scenic overlook along University Rd so we can see the potential SuperFund clean ups and the Mittal Steel plumes. Nevermind, that since friday, Bill Callahan is robbed at gunpoint, Des Schmitt had her front door window shot, and of course my crap-ass excuse for a car stolen.

Hey Frank! Maybe crime and safety improvement might help make (via Plain Dealer) "safe and family-oriented neighborhoods and a Mecca for arts and culture." Especially in one of the most active art and cultural neighborhoods in the city, you politico-bunghole.

(note: I know Bill lives in Brooklyn Center and yes this is a rant by a very upset victim of crime.)


01/24/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: personal, humor, rant

stealing cars Went out this afternoon to drive to meet Gina-poet at the VTR and noticed that the chariot was missing. What anybody wants with a 1999 Honda Civic, I'm not sure. It was beat as hell with primer colored dents on the driver door, bad front bearings, half the dashboard was disassembled, bald tires, and cracked windshield. I wouldn't have been surprized if after busting a window, the thieves left a sawbuck becuz of the condition of the car. Anyway, its gone along with my mini Buddha statue on the dash to remind me not to yell at nut case motorists.

We'll see if it ever comes back and if the insurance will cover it enuff. I guess I'm not going to any interviews for a while (was I ever?). I'm probably most heartbroken that now I can't drive out to Kent for Maj Ragain's monthly reading. (And I even got a letter from him today!)

Alright, I'll say it...


Got that out the way, mutherfuckers.

Who's Spying This Close?

01/15/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism, personal, humor, rant

I've been outed in one of the most personal aspects of my life.

(from New Skete, newsletter of the monastic communties of New Skete, Christmas issue no.8) Right click and select "view image" to get a better look.

So now you know what really happens. So much for my holy rep, or is that now my holey rep. Certainly, not my wholly rep.

Rep & RA

01/04/07 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry

The new year has finally arrived, but the Literary Café Poetry Academy is already well 2 months into their new year, and we have lined up yet another amazing evening of poetry and party. This Thursday, January 11 at 9:30pm (very sharp, pleeeze) the veterans, Daniel Gray-Kontar and RA Washington will be the features. These two have worked together before for delicious displays of verbal prowess and promise to give a show of extraordinary magnitude. Come to the Lit at 1031 Literary Road to witness the excitement.

ra washingtopnRA Washington is a writer, musician, a teacher, a publisher, an artist, an independent film actor, and member of The Progressive Arts Alliance. Washington authored a number of books of poetry and novellas, published the literary magazine, Fair Trade, and his short films and paintings have been shown in independent galleries across the east coast, as well as, London, England, and Toronto, Canada. He was the Cleveland Museum of Art’s first ever Poet-in-Residence and is now MOCA’s director of community outreach. Sometimes known as King Freeqy, he can be seen holding court at Civilization coffee shop in Tremont.

Daniel Gray-Kontar
Daniel Gray-Kontar
is a former columnist and associate editor for the Cleveland Free Times, and staff writer for In Pittsburgh Weekly. His social, music and arts writing has appeared in such magazines as The Source, The Village Voice, Wax Poetics, The Philadelphia Weekly and The Cleveland Free Times. He was also editor and publisher of the underground monthly magazine, Urban Dialect. Also known as Replife, his poetry has appeared in such anthologies as Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam, Spirit and Flame: An Anthology of Contemporary African American Poetry, and on the sound recording Grand Slam: The Best of the National Poetry Slam, Volume One. Daniel was also the 1994 national poetry slam co-champion. A native Clevelander, he received a dual B.A. from Cleveland State University in English and Pan African Literature and is now the marketing/advertising manager for Catalyst Cleveland, a newsmagazine on school-improvement efforts in the Cleveland public schools.

Both these artist not only make the music, but share the opportunity for others to make it, so I expect a ton of Penpad Padpen Spontaneous Poetry created. You know that exercise in self expression where we provide the paper and the pen, and you provide the poetry. Share and give it to us, cuz you only have a couple more times available before we start editing and putting it together for the chapbook. The Literary Cafe is at 1031 Literary Road in hysterical Tremont neighborhood. We are even smoke free with accommodation outside for our dragons.

Photo of RA Washington by Lou Muenz.
Photo of Daniel Gray-Kontar by McKinley Wiley.

Watch the Cowpies on the Cowpath

12/25/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Social Networks

Ton Zylstra relates to the opening keynote speech at the 2nd International Symposium in Media informatics. Marc Smith of M$ Research proposed:

.. let's shelve the word 'community' and use and study the term collective action instead. There are over 150 definitions of community by social scientists. If we
(the social scientists) are not able to decide what it is, maybe everybody else should not be using the word either...

Collective would make more sense in an action mode than community, but community infers more of the interaction and complex ecologies that are involved. Besides, collective sounds too "pink" for me.

The subtitle of the conference is cowpaths, which I agree with Ton for liking, but for different reasons. The complexity of moving an effort thru (and with) a community is rarely a straight line and then you have to watch where you are stepping.

Note a comment from Ann Arbor blog buddy Ed Vielmetti.
Boy do we get around...virtually.

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