Proper Attribution

09/13/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Being a big open source information maven and lest you think I'm the hacking genius, I'm embarrassed to admit that I did not acknowledge the source of the wifi designs that I built.

The Cisco Aironet 350 hack was by Aussies Andrew Spurrier and John Samin decribed at this site: . The paperclip design was in wifi blogger, Mike Outmesquine's book, Wifi toys, and the Pringle can antenna is all over the net, but I mostly used Seattle's Rob Flickenger's instruction. Thanks to all these guys for sharing what they know.

I had planned to rant about how I can't find a cable mount female SMA connector, but a buddy from Cleveland Medical Devices came through a few hours ago and now I can finish the paperclip antenna pigtail and test.

I love how social networks and a supportive community work!

Geek Update

09/12/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

So I still wasn't able to sleep. So I figured I'd start doing some testing on my new home made toys (I'm talking about the antennas and hacked wificard). I didn't check the paperclip antenna cuz I need to get a connector later today. The other results were great though.

First, I didn't bust the wifi card all to hell. It still worked. Below are the test results using my home AP as the source for signal:

The control was a working Cisco 350 wificard, same model as the one I did surgery to. It recieved -50 dBm, -92 dBm of noise for a signal to noise ratio of 43 dB.

The FrankenCard with a pigtail hanging out of it got -70 dBm, -95 dBm noise for SNR of 25 dB.

Adding the Pringles cantenna the signal was greater than -45 dBm, -92 dBm and a 56 dB SNR. An improvement of 13 dB over the unmodified card! WhoooHaaa!(For the non-geeks, 3dB is double the power so 13dB is almost 20 times the power. Impressive, huh?)

Of course, the buzzkill was that Nancy of Civ doesn't want anything to do helping us out this weekend. (too busy) I guess that's why I hangout at Lucky's.

Sleepus Interruptus

09/12/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Woke up this morning at about 3:00 am, not because of barking dogs or (god forbid) gunshots, but I'm jazzed up. No, I didn't have a bedtime espresso. But I have been preparing for a TWifi demo at the Tremont Arts and Culture Festival. I finished modifying a cisco wifi card and built a Yagi directional antenna out of paperclips.
These will complement the Pringle can antenna I did last year. It felt good doing some engineering that I'm trained for again.

The plan is to give the opportunity for people to Skype ahead to Civilization and pre-order their drinks. That is if I can get a hold of Nancy at Civ and get her okay.

I'll be hanging mostly at the Jewel Heart booth, helping my dear friend, Ujjen Tsewang. Anyway, I'm pretty excited, so no sleep! Now would be a good time for that espresso though....

Crappy way to restart posting

09/11/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Yeah Yeah I've heard it all: "mr. blogger-don't-write"; "has lots of opinions, but doesn't go on record"; "absentee blogger"; etc.

I'm not going to apologize, or explain, or whine. It's too much to get into right here anyway. However, it does pain me to restart posting with my annual ritual of remembering my dear friends, Glen and Dennis, both lost in the 9/11 World Trade tragedy. So back on line to once again say farewell, boys.

Shoulda Blogged, but Commented Instead

07/30/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

As infrequent as my posts are, I probably shouldn't have done the comment here on Brewed Fresh Daily. It's a little too long for a comment, but would have made a good post.

It was on a good article on stuck social systems on

Walk the Talk

07/23/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

An aquaintance I know from the civic innovation sphere dropped by Lucky's, one of TWifi's hotspots in Tremont. We chatted as he opened his laptop to use the free wifi. We spoke of how i-open is moving forward and if I was doing community wifi work there (I was actually making calls for Phoenix coffee appointments).

I was waiting for him to step to the counter to order an iced coffee or other weather-appropriate drink, but instead he closed down his laptop after checking email and started to walk out quickly.

I yelled out "hey aren't ya goingto order something?" He responded, "not this time." WTF! Here is a guy that is mingling with the community builders and volunteers hustling to improve our region, who seems to talk the same positivity and social network approach to inter-relationship making, but I guess it's only rhetoric to him.

One of the biggest arguments I face when convincing a small business to share his broadband or installing an open wifi access point is around people who just take advantage of the internet access without showing some appreciation. Hell, a buck cookie or sprite would have been enough.

This guy as an active member of our core cluster of civic entrepreneurs apparently doesn't see that this also encompasses a certain amount of role modeling. Unfortunately, I see this as a dangerous pattern I notice among some of the "new wave" of civic leaders. The working for upheaval of the existing hierarchy, only to place themselves in the same place to get the power and perks. Animal Farm anyone?

Pseudo-Civic-Leader, you know who you are! Next time I catch you selfishly taking broadband without acknowledging the provider with a purchase or even a WiFiThankYou, I'll call you out on it more publically than a shout as you rush out the door, like naming names on this venue!

Bohemian Art Appreciation

07/22/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I don't mean art made by Bohemians, whether from the Czech Republic or the Avant Garde sandal-wearing beatnik. I'm talking about how to find and enjoy art when you are find yourself looking at the change in your pocket and translating that to gallons of gas.

I have begun to read "The Beat Hotel" by Barry Miles. In that, Miles describes how the the original Beats; Ginsberg, Corso, Burroughs, et al minus King Kerouac; enjoyed Paris in the late 1950's. They had the advantage of centuries of public art and loads of museums and galleries that they could spend full days at and not see everything.

We, in the Cleveburg, have many amenities, but not like Paris. But we do have other ways for the poor art appreciater in the poverty center of the country to satisfy his yearning for beauty.

For example, go to Bridget Ginley's aways entertaining blog to see what's she is putting up on Freebie Friday. Ginley offers her art each week to whomever asks for it first. Take a look and see what she has up on the block this week.

I like the red swirly, but am ineligible to get it since I got another of her pre-masterpieces last week. Of course, if any generous soul wishes to claim it and have it sent to my humble home-away-from-home (Phoenix on Superior), I would be eternally grateful.

King of Ahh

07/11/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

I finally downloaded and listen to my interview that was on last week's Jim Eastman's show, Science Saturday. Honestly it wasn't an ego feeding thing with me, playing it loud with the windows open hoping someone would notice. I genuinely wanted to see how I sounded since my last radio excursion. I was hoping I'd sound less like a dufus, with another year of maturity and public speaking experience.

I was wrong.

Apparently my favorite sylable is "Aah". Not Ah Ha, not ah yeah, not ah hem, and definitely not Amen. Just Ah. Why my favorite? Well because I say it every other word, to start paragraphs, to end paragraphs and to interrupt the flow of a joke.

So to take an appreciative tact on what would be a detriment to verbal communications in traditional venues, I have decided to copyright the word, the syllable, the sound, and the idea of Ah. If Oprah can do it with "get with the program" and boxing announcer, Michael Buffer with "Let's get ready to rumble", and Homer Simpson with "Doh!," I should get some cash on this like them.

So for now on any one who uses Ah in any shape or form, they owe me a buck. So I will soon be hanging out at maternity wards when they take out the babys("Ah! Isn't he cute?), fireworks (if you were at Edgewater, expect me to visit your home) and churches for the ending of prayers.

Being a Buddhist is even better cuz Ah is a very strong root mantra and those on retreat usually have to chant it from 10k to 100k times! I'll clean up.

Ah! How great is capitalism? (whoops, there's another buck!)

Statement of the Times

07/07/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Wandering thru Ohio City, looking for Metro Joes, I saw this bit of graffiti on the side of an old building that is for lease (like so many here).

Bet the hierarchical economic decision makers don't come in this neighborhood or hear this plea.

Dalai Lama Birthday yesterday...

07/07/05 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

...and Jewel Heart Cleveland is celebrating this Saturday with a Birthday Picnic and Open Mike: The Dalai Lama's birthday is
called "Trunglha Yarsol" and it is his 70th!

The picnic is potluck and will be at the South Mastick picnic area in MetroParks Rocky River Reservation (number 4 on this map ) We will provide charcoal for cooking and some drinks and ice, but it may be a hot one, so come with more as well as delicious food that we can all
share. The festivities will start at 11:00am, hoping to have the fires
started by noon grilling. At 2:00pm we will have a long life ceremony
for His Holiness and then at 4:30 an OPEN MIKE. So bring your poems,
short stories, music, etc. along with food to share. Featured readers
are Dhih: American Troubadors of Buddhism from Ann Arbor, MI and our
own Larry Smith and Ray McNiece, editors of the book American Zen.

A family fun fest that we can enjoy for those in Tibet that may not.
Please contact Steve for a headcount and/or plan to read on open mike

BTW I need some more coolers. If you can spare any big ones, let me know!

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