King of Coffee

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I have been waiting for Eastman to post this story since he told me about it a few days ago. In fact, I was going to just post it myself as I come down from the caffeine buz from today's Indonesian Tasting at Phoenix.

Australian and Canadian buyers paid a record $US49.75 ($A66.51) a pound in Brazil's seventh Cup of Excellence internet coffee auction, the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association said on Thursday.
---from The Age

This was only for 12 bags of green coffee. Each bag is about 100 lbs. See what one of the buyers had to say.

"The cup spoke for itself it was so great," Vince Piccolo, president of Caffe Artigiano, told Reuters. "It's such clean tasting, it has lively acidity and a wonderful citrus finish in the palate.

"We're going to give people the option of buying the best coffee in Brazil for $US5 ($A6.68) a's an option the customer would love," he said. A regular cup costs about $US2 ($A2.67).

Asked why he paid such a big premium for the coffee, Piccolo said, "Why not reward the farmer for doing exceptional work? Coffee is grossly undervalued in the world."

Caffe Artigiano is in Vancouver B.C. and is home to the past three year Canadien Barista Champion. Owner Vince Piccolo is quoted as saying that $5 will buy a really, really bad glass of red wine (and one heck of a cup of coffee it seems!).

We should acknowledge who grew this extraordinary coffee. It was Francisco Isidro Dias Pereira of Fazenda Santa Ines in the mountainous Carmo de Minas district of Minas Gerais state.

So who wants to roadtrip to Vancouver?

National Summit Fundraising Status

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Okay, I have been an annoying pain in the keister, constantly asking for money to send me to the Second National Summit of Community Wireless Networks. That little fund-o-meter on the right hasn't moved much since I initially put the call out. However, it doesn't tell the whole story.

People have donated directly via Paypal, but not thru the dropcash site so it isn't reflected on the graphic. Generous folk have put twentys in my palm after I tell them about wanting to go to the summit. And I have been taking a tipjar with me to different TWifi hotspots while I work on the ol laptop. A few beers and some geeks start popping some change into the jar.

Bill Callahan of Cleveland Digital Vision is also going to attend. We have arranged to travel together and will go down to Columbus to pick up folks from Ohio Community Computing Network so we can split travel expenses 5 ways. And it looks like I will have space to crash on someboy's hotel room floor.

You can see that I'm trying to keep expenses down as much as possible and I appreciate the sharing and generosity of my fellow community network advocates. Thanks to all that have helped so far, but I am still short funds for registration and other expenses.

Just to remind you what goes on at conferences like this summit, here is the link to the wiki I posted to while at the last one two years ago. Basically if I go, essentially YOU GO TOO.

PLEEZE contribute to the Wifi Summit fundraiser!

If you are hesitant to signing up to paypal, send a check made out to TWDC dba Tremont Wireless Neighborhood to the address below.

2274 Thurman Ave. #2
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Donations are tax deductible thru Tremont West Development Corp, our fiscal agent.

Time is running out. The summit starts the end of NEXT WEEK.

How Long?

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Holy crap! I just realized that I missed my three year blog anniversary two weeks ago. Wow time flys.

I used to do this with my wedding anniversary too. Suddenly, I think I may have a clue on why I'm divorced.

Onward Ho...

In what was looking to be a disappointing evening when I went to the Barking Spider to hear one of my favorite poets, Maj Ragain, and legendary NEO poet, Tom Kryss, only to find out that the event was cancelled.

Just as I was about to turnaround to crawl back to more webwork at home, I saw Phil Lane sitting inside with a full pitcher of beer. I saw Phil earlier at Phoenix where we smacked around the PD and how afternoon newspapers added timeliness to the gathering of info.

This time I got introduced to one of CASE's web designers and graphic artists, Heidi Cool (great name, great lady). Three of us passed time (and I was sipping quarter cups of beer cuz "I'm not drinking tonite") (I guess I owe you guys at least a beer each) by talking about the Hundert resignation, how CASE can make a real and lasting impression by helping the underprivileged neighborhood around it directly and partnering with the redevelopment of East Cleveland, and the inevitable and march of technology.

On that last point, Phil was so passionate and convinced on the creation of new technology, it made me think of this from Samuel C. Florman's "The Existential Pleasures of Engineering":

Homo sapiens, through the evolutionary process, has developed a unique combination of couriosity, creativity, and daring. These traits have been responsible for his success, while also confronting him with many serious problems. Although he has created stable societies that showed very little cultural volution for long periods of time, once he is exosed to a new possibility, man cannot resist sampling it. He will taste new fruit, forbidden though it may be. He may taste fearfully and hesiantly, be he will taste. If the elders hold back, then youth will break away. If conservatives preach caution, then radicals will arise. The new attraction might be glas beads for Indian braves or spices for Renaissance princes; it might be the idea of heavenly salvation for marauding Vikings, or the concept of equality for Russian serfs; a new vision for the artist, or new knowledge for the seeker after knowledge.

Why Can't We Be Friends

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Virtual Lori (long missing from the online life, but lately has been bumping into my physical world) posted pictures that shows how blogosphere banter translates into real life comradery.

See how Tim and Henry made nice.

Being a Steve

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After going to the celebratory Smith Post Wiccan Nupitual poetry reading at Inside/Outside gallery, Steven B Smith and Kathy Ireland-Smith gave me a Smith original piece 'o Art. It was a baby Buddha augmented by Smith's slight of fancy. Steve said that he made it for Mother Dwarf and she kept it next to her throughout her tribulations and it gave her comfort. Steve said he could think of anyone better to give to than me. Then he signed it.

I meandered over to the Lit and found some steve night residue in the personage of Steve Mastroianni, master photographer. He was also clicking at the poetry reading and he clicked this beauty that included my Smith Gift.

Fantastic, huh? This is what it is to be a steve.
Be a steve, not a stu.

French Canadien Wifi

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This one is for Daniella. Coming to the Second National Community Wireless Network Summit is Ile Sans Fils of Montreal.

Île Sans Fil is a non-profit community group devoted to providing free public wireless internet access to mobile users in public spaces throughout Montreal, Canada. We use open source software and inexpensive commercial WIFI equipment to share broadband internet connections.


We believe that technology can be used to bring people together and foster a sense of community. In pursuit of that goal, Ile Sans Fil uses it's hotspots to promote interaction between users, show new media art, and provide geographically- and community-relevant information.

Sounds alot like TWifi, but sounds cooler in French. They have a list with over 80 hotspots! I'm looking forward to meeting these guys and find out how they managed such a large network.

That is, if more people contribute to the Wifi Summit fundraiser! PLEEZE! :>>

A True Geek Night

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Thursday nights at the Literary Cafe have sometimes degenerated into a geek night with a row of laptops taking advantage of the free Wifi. We usually wondered what would we do if someone interesting came in, ie a beautiful woman. (Last night we watched the "Tao of Steve" to get tips on impressing the chickss.)(Cool name...Steve vs. being a stu).

Anyway I found this link to the Automated Bar on the Make blog. This will help in PROVING geekdom is cool.
Imagine just sitting at the bar, ordering drinks THRU the bar, getting your drink FROM the bar; all using the latest in geek technology. Andy can just sit there, pet his cat, program the music, and sip drinks like the rest of us.

I say let's build it! Who's got tools?

No Comment

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I've closed comments on all posts since I'm getting hammered by comment spam last nite and today. How they found a way around the anti-spam layers I have for B2evol, I have no idea. You can still email me with your love/hate messages.

A Reminder to Myself

03/14/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism

From Sujatin:

From now on, until I achieve enlightenment,
I rely on you.
Please give me wisdom to escape samsara.

If I am supposed to get sick, let me get sick,
and I’ll be happy.
May this sickness purify my negative karma
and the sickness of all sentient beings

If I am supposed to be healed, let all my sickness
and confusion be healed, and I’ll be happy.
May all sentient beings be healed and filled with happiness.

If I am supposed to die, let me die, and I’ll be happy.
May all the delusion and causes of suffering of beings die.

If I am supposed to live a long life, let me live a
long life, and I’ll be happy.
May my life be meaningful in service to sentient beings.

If my life is cut short, let it be cut short,
and I’ll be happy.
May I and all others be free from attachment and aversion.

Been feeling a little under the weather, what with the wild swings in temperature. Also feeling time, financial, and personal pressures; all made up in my head and over dramatized. It's nice to see something that brings the important stuff up to its PROPER priority.

Be Well, All.

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