What? Wifi at a Coffee Conference?

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Can you imagine my delight when Sarah introduced me to people from Montreal she met at the barista judging workshop. Sandro , Patricia, and Stavros from Caffe Art Java were extremely nice and their cafe name seemed familiar to me. So I asked if they know about Ile Sans Fil, the community wireless group of Montreal that I met last week at the wireless summit.

Yes, they subscribe to wifidog, love the people of ISF especially Benoit, and think that free wifi at a cafe is invaluable. That serendipitious meeting has made a connection between us that will last. All because I recognized a name toward the top of a list on a website.

How I Got Here

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One of my favorite stories to tell is how a multiply degreed engineer is taking yet another weekend away to meet and talk coffee at the Specialty Coffee Assoc of America conference.

Without going into the long megillah (yiddish for book or story, it's passover you know), it was by networking and building authentic honest relationships with trust. How you may ask? Find out via this blog by my good friends, June, Valdis, & Jack, called NetworkWeaving.com

It's amazing what you can find surfing on the free high speed internet connect in a hotel in Charlotte.

When Will I Learn

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Early morning insomnia hit today, if in fact it can be called insomnia. I bedded at 11:00pm but awoke at 5:00am, originally thinking it was midlife pee break. However, the anticipation of leaving for Charlotte NC today has kept additional hours of sleep away.

Yes, I'm going out of town again. This time for the Specialty Coffee Assoc of America's tradeshow. Thanks to Phoenix Coffee for sending me. I'm missing Notacon3 for this too.

With all my experience in multitasking and parallel careers, you would think I would know when enough is enough. I have been very tired lately, taking naps in the late afternoon if I can pull away from chasing coffee clients, wifi problems, or just stuff that has to be done.

I have tried to blow off steam with an evening out, but that seems to help in the sleep deprevation area. I have not really spent a full weekend of relaxing in years. And no, going to Ann Arbor for my Jewel Heart retreats don't count. Those are arduous in their own way.

The closest thing to a vacation I get is maybe the few minutes (if I remember to not rush it) a day (if I don't talk myself out of it) of good pure meditation. I will try while sitting in the car today with Will and Kiley. Perhaps that will recharge my batteries.

(I probably should shutdown my cell phone when I attempt it. That way I can save that battery too.)

Family Matters

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You probably expected me to post more about wifi or the Summit, but after fixing the Scoops' access point, I rush to Trinity Commons to listen to a poetry reading from Larry Smith's new anthology, "Family Matters."

I don't know the source of it, but I found myself tearing up again and again as some of northeast Ohio's best poets (actually I very rarely get disappointed by ANY of our poets) read pieces by themselves and others on mothers, fathers, brothers, grandparents, step kids, babies, uncles, fish, life on a porch, whatever. All of them with some sort of connection to family life, disfunctional or not.

Maybe it was the argument with my mother on the phone this afternoon. Maybe cause I miss being married and having stepchildren around. Or because I have been thinking about my long gone grandfather lately. Or that I related a story of sitting on my great grandfather's lap while watching Neil Armstrong walk on the moon that summer in '69.

Or maybe it was the beautiful words, so honest and real, spoken by those that feel those words so intimately that I was able to absorb the energy into my tear ducts, until they was no more room for the saline and leaked.

It was something though, and it brought out that itch to write similar beautiful words about my experience, about my family. But I have so much to do tonight that I can't give myself the few hours with pen, so I allow this post to be my safety valve and a reminder to myself that family matters is not just what happens concerning the family, but that the family MATTERS.

Summit Aftermath: Part I

04/03/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

Still trying to rebuild my laptop and I have some dead tree notes to copy to the wiki. I'll have them up very soon as well as my impressions of the weekend.

The teaser is that it was friggin great and wonderful to renew two year old relationships as well as making new ones.

It was nice to have Bill Callahan actually come with me this time and he certainly got alot out of it as you can read in his blog.

Many thanks to Ohio Community Computing Network and Angela Stuber for helping with the expenses.

And a huge amount of gratitude all those that clicked to the dropcash link, the paypal link, or sent a check in the mail, or dropped something in the tip jar I dragged around to TWifi hotspots around the 'hood. Believe me it was worth it. Wait for the announcements.

At the Summit...

04/01/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi

And so are you!


I'm doing the wiki at this link

Mighty Murphy

03/30/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi, personal, humor, rant

I should have know so close to St. Paddy's day, Murphy would show up. Here I am scrambling to get the minivan, pack, take care of coffee biz in preparation for picking up Bill Callahan for the long drive to St. Louis, when Boom.

My laptop decided get flatulent over its registry. Not only is stuff not working, but even the exe files are pointed to Adobe Acrobat and I can't run any fix-its.

Add that my neighbor forgot that we will have a third car in the lot tonight and she parked too far over so we can only get two in. And she's out, maybe til late when I need to get my ugly sleep so I can stay between the line in the road.

Crap I should have drank some of that green beer. Sorry Murphy.

Cool Group Blog

03/29/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Blogging, Community, Social Networks

Ed Vielmetti of Ann Arbor is participating in a group blog called Cooperative Commons. I have to agree with Ed in that it has "thought provoking readings."

I particularly liked the paper on cheap pseudonyms harming cooperation. Very topical in our ongoing NEO blogosphere discussion on transparency and accountability.

Comments Back Up

03/28/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Blogging

Did a lot of screwing around with my bout of insomnia last night, but the results were fruitful. Comments AND trackbacks are back up.

So f-off spammers!

Bodhisattva Economic Development

03/26/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi, Buddhism, Business, Economic Development

Bill Callahan pointed out the chumming of the water by Quicken Loans' Dan Gilbert in MAYBE bringing the true Q closer to the Gund/Q. The maybe is contingent on what kind of package/bribe/corporate welfare deal Cleveland/Cuyahoga/Ohio can pull together.

Bill was good enough to also include excerpts from the hometown put on notice, Livonia Michigan. After they shelled out a $6.1 million state tax credit and a 50 percent tax abatement, all in response to a similar threat when Gilbert considered outloud moving to Virginia six years ago.

This sounds alot like whoring to me. May I remind you about a certain Isreali biotech company that moved 5 times in the US before landing here with a ton of incentives only to move on again when another city waved a prettier wad of cash. I'll give a hint . The initials were Quark Biotech. XX(

I was wondering what's up with these incentives, abatement, lo cost lo interest loans, free space, free parking, butt kissing, kowtowing, and other undignified ciyface activities. We look like desparate housewives and we go screw another place whom we share more experiences and live in the same boat, just to "GET OURS."

What is the real story here? Anyone? Mr. Iannone, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Greenspan, Mr. Galbraith, Mr. Keyes, Mr. Volker, Mr. Smith? Somebody?

Just what if we in northeast Ohio decide to use similar code of ethics for doing economic development as Jack posts on his biz website.

1. Our promise to our markets is to do what it takes to be as unique as we can in what we provide
2. If anyone emulates us, we will remain committed to the evolution of our uniqueness beyond whatever replications exist or emerge in the marketplace
3. Because of our commitment to create and serve new markets, we will not knowingly go after another provider's clients
4. If a prospective client seeks us out as a potential provider, we will first determine if our engagement with them would put other providers out of business
5. If that's the case, we will offer to help improve the provider's value to their client
6. If providers are not interested in improving or for whatever reason cannot improve to their client's satisfaction, we will gladly accept an engagement with that client.

Basically, we would attempt to do no harm to ourselves or to other regions. It would only take a little tweeking of the words, and we would have a truly unique and nurturing environment that would naturally attract business, jobs, and wealth; both economic and intangible.

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