Reading at Visible Voice Books Set

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It is all scheduled. I will be reading from my chapbook, Tremont Crawl, at Visible Voice Books On Tuesday October 19 at 7:00pm. I'll include a few other more recent poems and we will have an open mic afterward. In case you didn't know, Tremont Crawl is my first chapbook inspired by the places and people of the historical neighborhood of Tremont in Cleveland. These poems are about those people and the spots where they gather. The Poems convey the sense, atmosphere, and nobility of an endangered mid-city neighborhood. What better place to launch this book but right in the neighborhood that aroused it.

Even though I am a neuvo-tremonter of a mere six years, I have developed a love of the grit as well as the beauty that is infused in Tremont. You know I have been published in a number of small press issues and has read in venues across Ohio and the US.

But what you don't know is that I'll have as a guest reader, my old partner in poetic crime, Nick Traenkner. We have not read together since Lix and Kix back in February 2009. We're the duo that is the brain/brawn trust behind the crazily successful Literary Cafe Poetry Night for four years. Nick was one of the early contributors to the nascent hyperlink, on-line literature movement and has been active in the performing arts, music, and art scenes. Nick is the author of the chapbook, Accidental Thrust (2007 Little Scratch Pad).

Here are a few comments on the chapbook:

"It's a fine read, for sure."---Miles Budimir, Poet, Author of Rustbelt Romance and Missing Albertly

“Good stuff!” ---Russell Vidrick, Poet, Author of Love Poems of the New Order

“you did the neighborhood. i learned more than i knew before. congratulations.” ---Steven B. Smith, Poet, Artist,Publisher Art Crimes Magazine

“Tremont Crawl is like an’s straightforward no-frills good.” ---Bree Bodnar, Poet, Book Artist, Publisher Green Panda Press

Don't miss the fun that happens when we share the stage. Remember, Tuesday October 10 7:00pm at Visible Voice Books. VVB is located at 1023 Kenilworth Road in the fairly refined neighborhood of Tremont in Cleveland.

Visible Voice Books Loves Tremont Crawl

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Wow, Visible Voice Books in Tremont has my Tremont Crawl as one of their featured books. Click here to see the page. Thanks to Dave Ferrante, owner of VVB, and a man of good taste.

We are still working out a day for a reading, but the books will be available at VVB in about a week. I'm already on my second printing. If you want a pre-sale of the second printing, order via PayPal below.

The Sad Repetition

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It is again the sad repetition of the somber reality of remembering lost friends to over-zealous, self-righteous, perverters of a peace-loving religion, immediately after the joy of surviving another year of my own lucky life. I try to relish what I have in honor of my dear friends, who no longer can, their chance snuffed out suddenly and without any reason or fault of their own, except to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I enjoy life for them and learn the lesson they taught me. That it can be finished as quickly as it started.

So on this Jewish New Year, L'shana Tova and L'Chaim, to life for my friends Glen Wall and Dennis Buckley.

WhatsInTheBag Press is Launched

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I've been talking about for years, but FINALLY WhatsInTheBag Press is up and publishing. WITB Press (what I like to call it) is the latest addition to the small press universe. The goal is put out single author publications that is of quality and significance. Using the fuck-it-I'll-DIY attitude and my own sense of aesthetic, this press hopes to have an impact in print as the Literary Cafe Poetry Night had in the Cleveland scene. Product will be chapbooks, perfect-bound books, and whatever I want. Doubt there will be any broadsides. Nobody buys those anyway and it's hard to store. NO ANTHOLOGIES except perhaps a limited run for an event or tour, and the long awaited Pen-Pad collection from the Lit reading series. There certainly will be a preponderance of poetry, but not exclusively.

This is a press, where we have printers, pressers, and paper. It will not be nor ever have an online publishing presence, not that there is anything wrong with that. We even have ISBNs! The first product out is Tremont Crawl, a chapbook of 20 pages inspired by the places and people of the historical neighborhood of Tremont in Cleveland. The cost is $5.00 plus shipping and handling.

Yeah, I'm the author, but don't you think this a vanity press. I have 13 potential projects already. Where I'll get the time and cash, I don't know, but that is my problem. Given that, WITB Press is not accepting submissions. Basically the same setup I had for the Lit Readings. It seemed to work out well.

I'm a little cranky from paper cuts and trying to get ready for my first tour, so if it seems obnoxious to let you know that you can order a copy of Tremont Crawl buy clicking the button below, I apologize. But click the button anyway. PLEEEZE.

Tremont Crawl- Goldberg

First Friday Reading in Canton is ME!

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Hey come on down to Canton for an enjoyable poetry night this Friday. I had visited these folks a year or so ago and found the energy amazing. These kids try real hard and there is poetry competition with cash prizes for incentive. If you don't want to compete, there is an open mic for you to join the fun without the pressure. (and all you old hands should let the kids go for the money anyway)

I should add that I'm featuring and will do some new stuff that have I never read in Ohio before.

The reading is in the basement of the Second April Art Gallery (they have coffee) 324 Cleveland Ave. NW Canton, Ohio 44702. Come on, it isn't that far!

Get Into The Backroom of County Politics

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I'm going down to the Velvet Tango Room tonight at 6:00pm to see what's going on. For $25 I'll drink champagne, eat Bac food, and find out what Russo has to say. Might even see a few celebs.

Such a deal!

He Who Smelt It, Dealt it, so Deal With It.

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Buddhism is just so naturally me.

"What is like a silent fart, although invisible it's obvious? One's own faults, that are precisely as obvious as the effort made to hide them...What is like body odour - easy to acquire, but hard to lose? Habits picked up from people whose lives are far from truth." -The Seventh Dalai Lama

Kelzang Gyatso,
The 7th Dalai Lama
reigned 1720–1757

Russell Vidrick Shares His Love at the Lit Cafe

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One of the reasons Nick, Andy, and I discontinued the regular poetry readings at the Lit Café, was because we were anchored to the second Thursday every month. Sure the consistency made sure everybody knew when and where, but sometimes some of the best poets could not make it that night, at that time. One of those fine poets was Russell Vidrick, who’s second shift job prevented him from featuring, but often made it to round out the open mic.

Therefore, the Literary Café Panderers, Prognosticators, and Poem Prelates are proud to present Russell Vidrick and the introduction of his latest book, “Love Poems of the New World Order” on Saturday May 15 at 9:00pm. We are so honored that a poet as great as Russell would want to launch the collection of his love yawps for his wife, Charlotte, at the place where we love them both as well as his poetry.
Most of you, including the readers from the out flung reaches of American, should already know of Russell Vidrick. He has been a mainstay in the Cleveland poetry scene for decades. The well regarded poet has been in every major underground anthology that sprouted out of Cleveland and has hosted readings at the Café Noir, Red Star, and now at the Brandt Gallery here in Tremont. Besides “Love Poems for the New World Order”, his last chapbook was “Dueling Poets” with Jim Lang, a frequent collaborator of his. The best way to know Russ is through his poems, I will review “Love Poems”

“Love Poems for a New World Order,” put out by The Language Foundry, is a tactile delight. It was printed on quality paper that has a natural texture pleasing to the fingers and with various watermarks to subtly break up the monotony of black print on light beige. The layout and type keep the reader comfortable without lulling. The photographs by Charlotte Mann on front and back covers, give a film noire sensibility that contrasts with the “New World Order” title and promises contents that moves and provokes thought.

And inside we find that Russ’s style reminds the reader of 8th century Japanese poetry with characteristically simple descriptions. Short lines are reminiscent of Hemingway or Bukowski, yet are not staccato, but have warmth that invite the reader to continue similar to Leonard Cohen. It is so obvious throughout this book that he is very much in love with Charlotte and that the change in his life has been profound. Homebody Russ mentions Mexico, Turkey, Amsterdam, Greece, Egypt, all places Charlotte has visited and a few that Russ finally has seen firsthand. He describes the new joy in eating white rice, laying his head on her chest when sick, and sleeping with a wife when the world’s troubles continue. His tone is such that he is as amazed as the rest of us of his good fortune. This is an easy read and an inspiring one where the reader joins in the happiness in Russell new life and is envious of it.

So come down the Literary Café Saturday May 15 at 9pm and listen to a happy man that has to tell someone how happy he is or he’ll burst. There will be an open mic afterwards so that you can get a chance to tell us how happy you are. Copies of “Love Poems for a New World Order” will be available as well. The Literary café is located at 1031 Literary Road in the happy-go-lucky Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland.

It Will Happened

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Tuesday, I am going down to vote and am officially changing my affiliation from republican to democrat. Yup. I have finally given up on the GOP. It was such a nice party a hundred years or so ago. I have definitely been abandoned ideologically even by the moderates like Christy Todd Whitman . So F You teabaggers, neo-cons, dumbshit pundits, Fox news, trickledown fascists, and corporate free marketers (as long as I get the free cheese, Camembert if you please). Don't know if the Dems are right for me, but this way I can vote for Brunner over Fisher in this primary and work more effectively for Tim Russo for County Council district 7.

I guess this means the end of my moratorium on political blog writing I made about 4 years ago. Click above and donate to Jennifer Brunner.

I Should Try This

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