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What Are We Doing

07/26/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism
Just finished Silence by Shusaku Endo (the Johnston translation). Thanks to Adam for recommending it. The plot is about the trials and tribulations of a Portuguese missionary in Japan during the 17th century. Very Graham Greene in influence. I like… more »

It's a BIG Day

07/22/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Blogging
It's Bloggapalooza Day! Go over to BFD is see all the cool items to raffle. WITB donated this. You may ask “what’s in the bag?” Appropriate, dunncha think? Handmade meditation mala (made by my hand). Copy of Gelek Rimpoche’s book Odyssey To Freed… more »

What Does the Bear Do in the Woods?

07/10/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry
Poetry of course! Three Tremonting Poetrists and I traveled to mountain country Pennsylvania to meet up with a bunch of Kent associated folk to camp and do poetics around the campfire all night. It was a much needed break from the self-distilled w… more »

My Bio

07/06/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: personal, humor, rant, Geekism
I have to come up with a bio for the panel I'm sitting on at the TechMix conference in Columbus next week. I hate doing these things cuz I really don't feel like I've done anything that that anybody would care to listen to or that would help give me cr… more »

RA and the Sexspurt

07/06/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry
Cuz I'm a lazy bastard, most of this is stolen from Andy Timothy of the Lit. A double bill featuring local poet and author of several books RA Washington and San Francisco sexpert Jen Sincero , who writes the column Living in Sin for the LA Alter… more »

Why Worry?

07/06/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Buddhism, Business, personal, humor, rant
Jewel Heart was fortunate enough to get Venerable Thubten Chodron to come and teach us again. This has become a regular affair over the last few years that both Venerable and us celebrate. As usual, she seems to be talking directly to me and cuts ri… more »

What's on the Wifi Mind

07/04/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: WiFi
Been goofing around with the Tremont Wifi Neighborhood website of late and decide that for content, I'll be doing my Wifi blogging from there. I suppose I'll point to it in WITB, if it seems like it belongs "in the bag." The last post is a summa… more »

I Don't Post...

07/02/06 | by steveg [mail] | Categories: Poetry, Blogging, personal, humor, rant go read another blog. No apologies here. I've always said that my blog was basically for me with a big wide open door to anybody that is interested in the mundane and (dare I say it) banal scribblings (can you scribble on a keyboard? Maybe ca… more »